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A blog about animal liberation….

Hey Beauties, I wanted to speak about animal liberation as it is SO very dear to my heart. I am going to speak about veganism. There’s a lot of misconception and stigma around this word and way of being, even as this way of living is on the rise. You see, what I just said […]

Yoni Breathing is Amazing!!!

Hi Beauties, I made a video about why I Yoni breathe and think it’s amazing! I hope you enjoy 🙂 I have some awesome Guided Yoni practices in my store on my website if you want to journey deeper with yourself: https://yourpeachylife.com/store/ Here’s the video:


Money, Sexuality and Soul Mission

There is a direct link between MONEY, SEXUALITY and your SOUL MISSION. Healing your sexuality PLUS aligning with your SOUL = QUANTUM LEAPS in your finances! It’s like a full body orgasm for you AND your bank account! Your SOUL knows what to create! BOOM Your sexual energy knows HOW to create it! BOOM Consistent […]

Creative Creature

How do you expect to harness your divine Feminine if you don’t embrace one major aspect of The Divie Feminine- Creativity! It doesn’t matter how you are creative! Maybe you are thinking well I’m not good at art, I can’t dance, I don’t like painting, I don’t have time to listen to music. ENOUGH! Go […]