Hey Beauties,

I wanted to speak about animal liberation as it is SO very dear to my heart.

I am going to speak about veganism.

There’s a lot of misconception and stigma around this word and way of being, even as this way of living is on the rise.

You see, what I just said is the point I am wanting to share. Did you catch it?

Veganism is NOT a diet. It IS a way of being, behaving and choosing to live.

Veganism is more simply put: CHOOSING to live in alignment with animal liberation.

Yes it’s great for your health and the environment but the CORE of veganism is ethics, morals and animal rights.

We as humans have what is called “moral agency”. Other animals do not have THIS particular level of intellect. They are instinctive yet they are SENTIENT and have emotional intelligence.

So please understand that a lion or a bear does not have moral agency. They kill instinctively to SURVIVE. They do not have another choice. They do not have the same level of awareness as humans do.

However we can all agree they FEEL – emotion and sensation. They have a nervous system and they express emotion. We KNOW this 100%. It is obvious AND scientifically proven.

They feel emotion and sensation just like we do however, they do not have moral agency.


They may not have the same level of self-awareness as us; just like a baby or child doesn’t but their level of intelligence, self-awareness and understanding of reality does not mean they don’t have the right to life and a good standard of living.

Let me just point out I am NOT in support of animal welfare as the answer. I am in support of animal liberation. There is a huge difference!

I will speak about pets another time – I am aware this question may have surfaced for you.

Animals do not want to die. We see this within the pure terror and fear in their eyes inside the slaughter house. (YouTube it). They try to escape. They scream for their lives in sheer fear at what is happening to them and others. They SUFFER immensely during this whole process from farm to slaughter.

No matter whether they had a great “free range” life or not. They ALL end up in the slaughter house experiencing this immense suffering.

Some farmers claim that their animals are unaware of what is about to happen. I want to point out this is EXTREMELY rare.

90% of ALL meat and leather (dead animal flesh) in the supermarkets and shops is from FACTORY farmed animals.

Nearly all free range, grass fed animals are sent on a horrific journey to a slaughter house.

The welfare ends when they are forced onto the truck!

IF…  they have been blissfully unaware of their immanent death, which like I say is EXTREMELY rare…but if they are unaware because a farmer has cared for them and the animals trust him and they trust people in general- does that make it OK to take their life away unnecessarily, for the taste of a meat based sandwich or a leather skinned handbag?

If you apply the same logic to your pet dog or cat or your child – what would your answer be?

Do you realise how important it is to be consistent with your moral agency?

If you believe it is OK to kill an animal unnecessarily, then you are suffering from a condition called “speciesism”. And yes you are suffering. (I will go into that another time)

“Speciesism” is the discrimination of species. For example Dogs are pets-pigs are food, based on what you have been told.

It is a CONDITION because you have been conditioned to believe this and feel this way. You have cognitive dissonance. You are living in a state of hypocrisy.

We can play word games when it comes to “rape” and “abuse” “sexual abuse” “murder” and “wanting to live” – People seem to have an issue with vegans “humanizing” the ACT of what is ACTUALLY happening to these animals.

Unfortunately, people do not feel animals are worthy of describing the act of what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING with these words. We currently only apply these words to humans.

But in that lies the very issue.

Did you know there was a time in America where the term “murder” did not apply to black people?

So just because the word in the dictionary states it is only relevant to humans, does not mean that it true or OK.

This is what VEGANSIM aims to change. This is the EXACT type of basic rights we believe animals are worthy of!

Words are used as a deterrent and distraction from truth.

Words like “meat”, “steak”, “sausages”, “artificial insemination”,  “slaughter”, “abattoir”, “leather” are used to manipulate you into believing the ACT is OK because it disassociates you from what is ACTually happening.

Granted these are also words used to simply define something or name something to make language easier. But the intention is to dissociate you from what that thing actually is and where it came from and how it came to be in the form you now see it!

Advertising cleverly does the same.

You are being lied to and mislead.

You are being manipulated.

YOU have the RIGHT to know this information.

YOU have the RIGHT to know the truth.


I am just the messenger. I am trying to do you and this world a favor!

Recently, farmers have been sharing about how it is not “rape”, they are not raping animals or “murdering” them against their will.

Yet they call the metal contraption, the cage that the animals have to stand in to be “artificially inseminated” – a “RAPE rack”…that is what it is commonly known as within the industry and has been for years. Farmers are now starting to deny this. There is no written evidence of this and so they are getting away with this denial.

Do you see the contradiction and hypocrisy here though?

Ok let me address the “against their will” piece again.

How do we KNOW for sure animals WANT to live; that they DESIRE to live and it’s not just instinctual will to live…survival instincts if you like?

In all honesty, I really do not see this as the issue to be focusing on. Whether it is desire or instinctive will- what’s the difference. The will to live exists!

How do we know that our DESIRE to live is not just instinctive anyway?

It’s a NON issue!

In the dictionary “murder” is defined as the killing of one HUMAN BEING by another.

The point of animal rights – of veganism, is to extend these human rights to animals and for us to accept that the ACT of killing an animal that has WILL to live IS an act of MURDER.

The ACT of sexually abusing, artificially inseminating and innocent sentient animal is an act of RAPE.

We need to make this less about the intellect of the animals and more about OUR OWN moral agency.

Killing is still violence. Murder is still murder. Rape is still rape. Unnecessary suffering is still not OK no matter the intellect of a the victim.

What human truly WANTS that for animals? Unless you are a psychopath or sociopath you would not WANT this for any animal.

This is not about blaming. But if you feel triggered or a sense of shame. You need to look at that and LISTEN to it.

Shame isn’t always a negative thing. It can lead to better behavior and more lovingly aligned choices.

If you don’t want this for animals, why would you contribute and VOTE for this and pay for this to happen to them?

I honestly find it ludicrous that we even have to discuss this and debate about this.

Do we really have to explain to people that inflicting this torture on innocent sentient animals is wrong?

I once had a women tell me that it’s been known that in tribes an animal would step forward and gift it’s life to be their food.

The thing is this is not an uncommon excuse as crazy at it seems.

Firstly, we do not know this to be accurate. Maybe it did happen. Maybe this animal had awareness and the people were connected to all of life and so it was a beautiful example of the circle of life for people who live in a survival state.

Or maybe this is an old wives tale?

Or maybe this is what the tribe’s people chose to believe to alleviate their guilt- like when people “give thanks”  or say a prayer for the animal “giving” it’s life after they have murdered it.

ERM NO… Animals do not GIVE their lives. WE TAKE THEM unnecessarily. End of.

We not only take their lives. We breed them into a life usually of immense suffering, with a planned date for their death.

Let me back track a little…I mentioned something very important.  A tribe living in SURVIVAL is not the same as YOU.

I’m talking to YOU. Not a tribe’s person.

So let me ask YOU – person with access to infinite plant foods, stores and supermarkets, the ability to grow your own vegetables and herbs and even fruits…

….If an animal came up to YOU and offered it’s life so that you could kill and eat it – Would you kill it and do so when you have a shop 10 minutes’ drive away with all the plant foods you could possible need to THRIVE?????????????

Of course not!

You would want to look after that animal and love and cuddle it and tell it NO- I don’t need to kill you and eat you or wear your skin and fur.

I cannot BELIEVE this is even considered a valid argument. It’s ALL KINDS OF CRAAAZZZZYYY.

It’s actually delusional.

One thing that honestly upsets me the most that goes on within “spiritually aware” people, is that they use “the soul path” and “love from source perspective” as an excuse to be a perpetrator of abuse.

This is spiritual bypassing. Unfortunately it is prevalent within the spiritual community.

Loving, caring, “woke” people even say they would want to experience murdering an animal to be part of the circle of life and all of nature, when it is completely unnecessary.

It’s so incredibly sad. I cannot believe how brainwashed we have been.

We are not in SURVIVAL anymore. It is not necessary to kill animals for food or clothing anymore!

These thoughts are not coming from those people’s highest aspects or understanding of their own moral agency and POWER as a human.

So often in the spiritual community people will give all the power to their SOUL, forgetting that our humans are equally as powerful.

Soul paths can be changed.

You see, so often I see people holding onto ULTIMATE TRUTH or ONE truth but in REALITY there are always multiple truths. There is duality and polarity and multiple truth.

The good news is as a human being, YOU have the ability to CHOOSE.

Which brings me full circle.

Veganism, more simply put is CHOOSING to live in alignment with animal liberation.

It is CHOOSING to live in alignment with your highest nature as a human; from a space of non-violence, compassion and empathy.

Don’t let your soul be the reason for you perpetrating and perpetuating abuse in this world.

You have the power to create heaven on earth. It starts with your day to day CHOICES.

Let’s change the Soul path of these animals. We were the ones playing GOD in the first place, breeding them into existence for our own selfish greed.

Let’s free them from their unnecessary suffering. Let’s free ourselves from this perpetual violence. Let us evolve to become our highest nature. Our most loving expression as individuals and therefore a collective.

Think about YOU and YOUR desires for animals and the planet. Think about YOUR actions. No one else’s. Just YOU. It starts with YOU.

Stop using “source perspective” as an excuse for animal abuse.

I have some info coming about DIET: Blood type diets and about finding a vegan diet that works for YOU.

If you’ve tried it and found it hard. That’s OK… there is a way to refine and totally NAIL your vegan diet and life style, so it works for you.

The point of veganism is not perfection. It is to contribute to the LEAST amount of suffering you can moment to moment. It is actually in my opinion the LEAST we could do for the animals and planet.

Also, I just want to point out that CULTURED MEAT is about to EXPLODE onto the scene.

I will be sharing my views soon.

So much love Pleasure Planet Priestesses!

In Pleasure
Jacqui <3



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