A Women’s Sexual Reluctance

Hi Gorgeous Goddess,

This post is for you and your man!

I learnt this info via Dianna and Michael Richardson and have added my own wisdom too here.

Let’s face reality: men usually desire sex more often than their female partners over time. Ever wondered why?

The truth is that for women the few minutes (10-30) of sexual interaction are not really satisfying. There is hardly sufficient time for her body to warm up and celebrate the occasion.

I know what you’re thinking ladies- “I just want it to be over with so why would I want it to last LONGER?”- Trust me when you start honoring your female body during sexual play, you will want it to last ALL day!!!!

Anyway, this sadly implies that most women repeatedly return from sexual encounters feeling unfulfilled and at a loss (even if they “had an orgasm”-which is usually a peak orgasm via the clitoris, if she experiences one at all)…

…She returns from the encounter with a sense that the pleasures of sex are not worth the efforts of sex. (there’s a deeper reason for this I will share soon)

Feelings such as these can get firmly embedded and cause many women to begin to avoid sex.

Research reveals that 82% of women would rather kiss and cuddle than have sex!!!!!! They find the exchange more nourishing! EIGHTY TWO PERCENT of women in long term relationships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The choice to cuddle instead of have sex is a reflection of a women’s lack of true enjoyment when the lingam (penis) is in the Yoni (vagina- but there’s more to Yoni that that).

Men can rest assured that the reluctant sexual response of a woman is not a MENTAL or even conscious response wherein she suddenly decides she does not want sex….The closing down of a woman’s body is usually a slow, gradual process.

The withdrawal from sex is PHYSICAL issue and something which a woman does not have much conscious control. (Unless you both start honoring shakti of course)

A woman going through this can feel she is alone in her unexpected and uninvited turnoff to sex with her partner…but it is a VERY common universal theme.

Repeated lack of fulfillment plays a HUGE part in why women experience a loss interest in sex. Women are definitely not frigid by nature, but their bodies start to freeze over when the sex is always hot, hard and quick.

I want to share another layer to this- The REASON a woman’s body is unfulfilled and her Yoni shuts down is because the way a woman’s body, turn on and pleasure works are the total opposite of a man’s!

Repeated friction based, goal orientated (and therefore performance driven and fast) sex actually causes a woman’s Yoni to come out of RECEPTIVE (feminine) mode and into ACTION and PROTECTIVE (masculine) mode.

The tissues within the Yoni will harden over time to protect her delicate and sensitive interior and especially her cervix (where there is deep pleasure to be explored)….

….The muscles will constrict and contract and tighten – and no this is NOT a good thing when there is ZERO relaxation during sexual play. This tightness can be mistaken for strength and tone but a woman who has vaginal tension in this way will actually find it very challenging to engage her vaginal muscles or be dexterous!

This tension, tightness and constriction is actual TRAUMA for the Yoni and the woman.

The Yoni becomes traumatized and so of course a woman will shut down to sex -especially with her partner- who is the one repeatedly traumatizing her Yoni without realizing! I know this sounds harsh but it’s the truth!

Another way shut-down presents itself is when a woman becomes HYPER-SEXUAL- meaning a woman will require more and more stimulation to “get off”- this is total desensitization of the Yoni. It’s total disconnect. It’s total abandonment of Shakti.

This causes sexual numbness and eventually leads to TOTAL shut down and it can be challenging to reawaken the Yoni and women to her beautiful Shakti body! (challenging but 100% possible)

Giving birth is also another way the Yoni can change and reawakening is required afterwards but so many women do not take the time for this and wind up with female sexual health issues!

I personally experienced sexual shut down with my man! Here’s why…

I was molested as a child and as a result when I hit puberty (for me 15-16) I became an insatiable sex addict! I was extremely promiscuous at the determent to my health and well-being. I was drug crazy and a total party animal. This went on for years, well into my mid 20’s.

You see, sometimes when there is sexual abuse, a person can become what is known as “excessively receptive” – Meaning my root chakra was wide open and I had zero boundaries for years. I lacked any kind of morals when it came to sex.

There doesn’t have to be sexual abuse for this to occur and I want to point out there is a difference between being consciously aware of your choice to have multiple sexual partners- than what I was doing, believe me!

Instead of honoring my body, I abused myself and abandoned myself.

When I met my LOVE, my Divine Partner, unfortunately I was at a point where Yoni shut down was inevitable. I was healing SO much sexually and over time, with this SHIVA (masculine) approach to sex with him (we both didn’t know any better)…I switched off. SHUT DOWN. TURNED OFF!

For months I felt obligated, sad, worried, confused. How could I love him sooo much yet not want to have sex with him anymore… I cried myself to sleep more than once.

I still had a libido though. I still yearned for connection and passion. I even desired other men and women (because they were not accidentally traumatizing my yoni -this knowing was subconscious)…

I still yearned and longed for sex…But just not like THAT. I just couldn’t bring myself to have sex in the ways I had been all these years, anymore!

I actually started to look outside of myself and the relationship for the answers- I thought maybe a different man was the solution, maybe a threesome, maybe if we spice things up, maybe I’m not with my divine partner after all.

Deep down I knew I wanted to be with my TRUE love but I was SO confused.

Deep down I knew this situation would repeat and repeat if I didn’t heal this!

That there was no use seeking for answers outside of myself and our relationship…

I became a woman on a mission to save our relationship.

I totally blamed myself. I had immense guilt. I felt totally responsible and cursed my body. I felt SO bad about it all. This guilt spilled over into so many aspects of my life- It destroyed me. I was a walking ball of guilt and shame for months.

I didn’t know what to do or how to shift. I didn’t know if we would make it through. I didn’t know if I’d ever enjoy sex again.

But I knew I would not tolerate this from myself or in my life and relationship any longer!

Something in me told me “It’s not your fault, it’s not his fault…society doesn’t know what sex REALLY is, You must honor your SHAKTI. Shakti has been suppressed, Shakti has been suppressed SHAKTI HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED!!!”…

The message was loud and clear:

I must express SHAKTI
I must find out who Shakti is and what SHE wants
I must find out HOW to honor SHAKTI….

THIS is why I embarked on this incredible journey of sensual and sexual discovery.

This is why I now teach other women the ancient wisdom of sacred sexuality and sex magic!

This is how I KNOW what is possible for ALL women, not just me!

If your Yoni has shut down or has a limited experience of sensuality and sex- There IS a way for you (and your partner)…

The solution is to understand and become very aware of the Shiva- Shakti energy dynamic and how it expresses sexually, so you can honour your Shakti and reawaken your yoni- to open her to deep connection, love, pleasure, passion and expansive sex!

This is why I am hosting my 6 week online course LIVE April 2nd


If you are ready to receive support, powerful teachings, wisdom, practical practices and guided audios that will transform your body and being FOREVER, you will deeply benefit from this course.

You are worthy of your deepest yearning and desires. You are worthy of exquisite pleasure. You are worthy of living your most ecstatic life!

In Pleasure


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Is your long term committed relationship or marriage in need of some TLC?


Would you like to become empowered within your relationship and sex-life?

You are not alone!

So many women in long term relationship dynamics find themselves wondering “what happened?”

So often women take up space in the Masculine energy space within their relationship and sex-life.

Unfortunately this is unsustainable for most women, long term and she will burn out, feel hard done by, never see the MAN in her man and she will likely shut down sexually too.

It’s an EPIDEMIC within long term relationships.

Many women do not feel appreciated, seen, heard, validated, understood or supported by her man.

The truth is though it is SHE who has the power and influence and to inspire these very things to step forth from him.

Sexually things have likely become monotonous and feel like a duty or obligation.

And best case scenario she has an OK sex-life but she KNOWS there is a deeper level of sexual experience available to her but has NO idea where to start or how to even broach this subject with her man in ways that won’t hurt him.

The issue I see is that women succumb to this way of being. They tolerate to the point of becoming apathetic!

She often doesn’t even realise there is a way for her to receive the love, passion and fulfillment she longs for with her man!

Sometimes she will end up seeking answers outside of the relationship or go on feeling dissatisfied in many ways…both these things can lead to unnecessary break ups and divorces or life times of lack of true fulfillment.

🌹If you:

♡ Are support with how to communicate with your man in ways he can actually hear.

♡ Want to experience the King and God from him, rather than the frog.

♡ Long to feel less distance and more connection and love.

♡ Want to feel appreciated, seen and heard by him.

♡ Yearn for more passion.

♡ Desire a more fulfilling sex-life with him.

♡ Are curious to explore your pleasure

♡ Feel more like roomies or friends than lovers and Divine Partners.

♡ Tend to feel like everything is on you and you feel unsupported a lot of the time.

♡ Have blocks to bliss preventing you from the love, connection and sex you long for with your man.

♡ Worry that this is how it is going to be forever if you don’t do something to shift this BUT you know he is not going to be on board with going to see a couples therapist or sex therapist AND you already know that’s not the answer anyway…

Then I would like to invite you to my program
❤🌹Rising in Love🌹❤

This journey will be DEEPLY empowering and beneficial for you and your relationship this year.

This is just for YOU, Goddess but this will transform your dynamic with your man and you will finally see what he is capable of too!

I want to teach you the energy secrets of the masculine and feminine dynamic, so you can experience how powerful and influential you really are when it comes to your relationship with your man.

I want to share with you all the tools you need to awaken your sexual self and open to the passion, love and fulfilling sex with him that you’ve been yearning for.

I could say SO much more…

If you are ready to invest in your relationship and sexual-self this year PM me for more details of this incredible program or apply by clicking the link below:


In Pleasure

Does your Yoni hurt during and/or after sex with your man?

Hey Goddess,

I want to speak about vaginal pain during and after sexual play.

This is a clear sign that you are NOT honoring your SHAKTI (empowered feminine) fully and on all levels.

Your body is trying so hard to communicate with you. Your Yoni is asking you to SLOW DOWN.

Usually when you don’t listen to your body when she is expressing pain it leads to a limited sexual experience.

Do you have limited orgasm? Do you only orgasm via a certain habitual pathway?

Are you just experiencing PEAK orgasm but would love to experience other types orgasmic experiences?

Now, I am by no means invalidating or trivializing your pleasure and peak orgasms.

However, when there is pain and ONLY peak orgasm then this is a clear sign that you are not honoring SHAKTI. The empowered feminine!

Some more signs of not honoring Shakti…

Are you willing your man to ejaculate as fast as possible?

When you self pleasure do you rush to the end goal and treat it like a means to an end?

Are you unable to fully let go and express your true wild self in the bedroom?

Do you feel resistant to sexual play with yourself and your man?

Do you go into your head and/or experience numbness?

Are you still not receiving the money you desire?

The clients you REALLY want to work with?

Is your business still not FEELING delightful?

Do you feel like everything is on you?

Do you feel unappreciated?

When a woman doesn’t understand her own Shakti, she will feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled and disconnected from ecstatic pleasure and her TRUE desires on all levels.

Usually if this continues within herself and within the relationships sexual space, she will start to go off her man. Her Yoni will shut down and turn OFF to HIM and even to herself. She will become desensitized and detached from her core essence and being!

The deep heart connection and passion you crave with your man on this level wont be able to be felt or experienced fully.

Not only this but when you do not understand and honor SHAKTI within your sexual self and your life this prevents you from receiving your what you really want in other areas of your life too!

I see this time and time again.

There is deep rooted shame and blocks to bliss.

It impacts your confidence and ability to RECEIVE on all levels!

You are not allowing yourself the thing you secretly deeply yearn for.

Your relationship with your sexual self is EVERYTHING.

When you are experiencing and expanding your pleasure potential within your body, especially the parts of you that usually get no attention throughout the day…

Especially the parts of you DESIGNED for abundant pleasure, the parts of you that connect so closely with the Divine energies of the universe within your body and expression..

You become truly empowered within your whole life.

You become fully expressed and fully embodied.

So often it’s the last piece to the puzzel. So often it’s the thing women put off , avoid and suppress…

But it’s the very thing that will unlock the gateway to your most ecstatic life.

And the good news is its infinite and abundant and the journey gets better and better. It’s ever nourishing and ever expanding!

To begin your journey to sexual empowerment I recommend joining my Reawaken Your Yoni LIVE 6 week online course:

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You are worthy of the bliss available to you!

In Pleasure




If you don’t want to hear details about your vulva and vagina do not read this!

Hey Beautiful Shakti,

I am BURSTING to share some enlightening information with you about your Yoni!

Did you know that when your Yoni is actually OPEN and RECEPTIVE her texture, colour, appearance and smell will be different than if you are not experiencing a full being YES to sexual play?

Do you know your Yonis “YES demeanor”?

What about her NO demeanor?

Have you ever taken the TIME the feminine actually needs to get to know your Yoni and build the TRUST she needs to become fully ignited, so you can be fully sexually expressed?

You see when you are is a space of pressure, obligation, guilt, shame or not readiness, what happens to your body? Your facial expressions? The look in your eyes?… Beyond the front you may be putting up?

It’s easy to wear a mask and pretend or convince yourself you are ready for sex. It’s easy to perform and please your partner when inside you feel empty afterwards.

It’s easy to hide all that…

BUT you cannot hide your Yonis expression. It’s impossible.

She will always tell the TRUTH.

A not ready Yoni will express completely differently to a desiring, ready and joyfully participating Yoni.

Do you even look at your yoni?

The issue I see is that women are disconnected from their Yonis and are sexually unconscious.

They LONG for and YEARN for something they can’t quite put their finger on… it’s not just lust they want. It’s not just gratification…

It’s something deeper. Something more sacred and powerful.

But they do not know HOW to even begin.

I’m making a stand for your sexual self and your Yoni..ALL Yonis.

I’m devoted to transmuting the manipulation, abuse, trauma and misinformation we have endured around sex, into pure bliss, liberation and empowerment.

If you are ready to nourish and transform your relationship with your sexual self and your yoni this year then you will deeply benefit from being part of my 6 week online course Reawaken Your Yoni LIVE.

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This course is starting the first week of April.

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This course is truly life transforming.

In Pleasure




Are you feeling disconnected within your sex-life?

Hi Beautiful Being,

Do you feel disconnected from your sexual self and kind of empty when you self pleasure or have sex with your partner?

Are you healing from trauma or struggling with stress in your life that is causing you to find it challenging to even desire sex.

Has your life become a series of responsibilities and do you find yourself putting everyone and everything before yourself?

Has your pleasure gone to the bottom of your priorities due to this?

Have your day to day responsibilities taken a toll on your enjoyment of sex?

Have arguments or resentments built up within your relationship that turn you OFF your partner sexually?

Are you feeling fearful that your relationship may fall apart if you don’t sort this out?

Does your partner feel rejected?

Do you feel dissatisfied?

Do you feel obligated and pressured to feel horny and be sexy for your partner and society?

Are you intrigued about sexual healing and other ways of experiencing sex?

Have you read some books but haven’t actually put anything into practice yet because you’ve been left feeling like you don’t actually know HOW?

Are you feeling the calling to discover your body in new ways?

Are you finding it almost impossible to ignore the yearnings of your Yoni?…..

You are NOT alone.

So many women are experiencing exactly what you are going through and I want to tell you that there IS an answer.

I invite you to join my my Reawaken Your Yoni LIVE course this year.

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The moment I realised my hairdresser knows nothing about sex and this can be said for most women – Gasp!!

Hey Gorgeous,

One time I was getting my hair trimmed, I was chatting to the hairdresser about “what I do”…

We were discussing how common it is for women to turn off and shut down sexually when in long term relationships…

I was explaining to her what happens when women and couples only approach sex in the masculine way; which is goal orientated, fast, friction and all about excitement.

She asked me “Well how else do you do it?”

In that moment I realised that this really is something most women just don’t know!!!!

We have been so conditioned to a limited expression of sex that we literally have no clue that there is another way!

As a result women end up totally apathetic and desensitized to their incredible sexual selves and relationships fall apart.

Women and men are left feeling totally inadequate and lose their sexual confidence.

For a woman this impacts every aspect of her life but she doesn’t even know it.

Deep down some women DO know SOMETHING…

A woman like this feels dissatisfied and are unfulfilled. There is a deep yearning within her…

A calling to sexual healing and expansion…

A desire for something mind blowing and ecstatically pleasurable.

There may even be just an inkling, a sense, an intuition that simply cannot be ignored any longer.

That’s where I come in.

My 6 week online course ‘Reawaken Your Yoni-Open to deep connection, love, pleasure and truly fulfilling sex’ …starts April 2nd

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10 reasons a woman in a long term relationship/marriage shuts down sexually with her man…

Hey Beautiful Being,

This information may just shed a light on WHY you have been suffering with sexual shut down…

In no particular order here are the top 10 reasons why a woman shuts down sexual:

  1. She has a fear of her own vibrancy, radiance and light.

♡ If she is fully expressed her light will shine even brighter and she may fear unwanted attention or she may fear that her light will cause others to feel bad. (This is one reason why your sexual self is very much linked to the success of your business and money and what kind of clients you are attracting)

☆Without allowing her full light to shine a woman chooses to dim her light, she lives in co-dependency and self sacrifice- trying to please others at the expense of herself. And she lives from a fear space.


  1. She has only been experiencing SHIVA (Masculine) sex.

♡This goal orientated, agenda driven, performance and friction based sex can cause trauma to a woman’s body and yoni over time. Her yoni may numb out or start to experience pain as a protection mechanism. Her body will start to feel a NO to sex, especially with her man as he is the one who has contributed to this (unintentionally of course).

☆Without the balance of SHAKTI (feminine) sex a woman will burn out sexually and feel pressure, obligation, guilt and shame.


  1. Lack of “The constant simmer of pleasure”

♡ A woman is required to prioritise her own pleasure and sensuality on a DAILY basis if she wants to feel OPENNESS. This doesn’t have to mean sexual pleasure. But small things every day that FEEL good, nourishing, joyful and enjoyable on a day to day basis will keep a woman more open and receptive.

☆ Without the constant simmer of pleasure a woman can become complacent, apathetic, lack luster, bored, stressed, overwhelmed, and feel like life is passing her by. She can feel like she is spread thin and that there are not enough hours in the day (what she doesn’t realise its because she is not prioritising herself and that shifts everything). Again she can fall into living life for others, feeling like a victim OR works herself into the ground and burns out.


  1. Lack of sexual healing

♡ We have been taught sex is just about sexual gratification and pleasure. That it looks a certain way. But with this limited understanding a woman fails to gift herself the most important aspect of sex. Healing. Sexual healing needs to be a regular practice in order for a woman to experience her full pleasure potential and for her to feel open and desire sex.

☆Without sexual healing, emotions and experiences big and small stay housed and stagnant within the energy body and physical tissues of the Yoni and other parts of the body. Without regular tending to, muscles tighten (not in a good way) and tissues harden causing tension and sexual energy blocks.


  1. Not feeling or being seen and heard by her man.

♡ Most women have no clue HOW to be seen and heard by their men. Day to day this lack of being seen causes distance between herself and her man when what she yearns for is connection. What most woman don’t realise is that it is SHE who has the power to INSPIRE her man to come closer, close the gap, see her, hear her, honour her.

☆Without feeling and being seen and heard by her man a woman can feel deeply unappreciated, invalidated and even objectified. It can cause her to go into wounded energies and expression. Nagging, dictating, telling, suggesting, doing things for her man, taking it all on herself. Or she can feel like a victim and be waiting for him to save her and/or to give her permission. Resentments build and she feels unsupported and of course her sexual energy will switch OFF. Little does she know how magical and influential she really is and how her authentic self expression is the KEY here.


  1. Fear of being seen by her man

♡ She may have fears around being accepted by her man if she is seen by him. She may fear he will abuse or manipulate and use what he sees against her. She may fear he won’t be able to handle what he sees. She may fear he’ll abandon her if he really see’s her. She may fear that if he sees her he will feel bad for some reason.

☆Without allowing herself to be seen she shuts down true intimacy. She rejects her man and lives in mistrust and fear. There is a deep ‘well’ between them not just a gap and it’s not something he can fill this time. It has to come from her willingness to be vulnerable and be seen. She must devote to authenticity and be OK with whatever that looks like. (This shows up in business too)


  1. Not seeing her man

♡ This works both ways. Often a woman has unintentionally turned her Prince into a frog when she has the power to INSPIRE him to be her King and God. A woman can very easily emasculated, disrespect and not appreciate her man without even realising she is doing it. She can PUSH him away and cause him to feel deep hurt on a primal and soul level. He may not even realise this is happening.

☆Without seeing her man a woman can become entitled, resentful and unintentionally cause wounded energy dynamics which cause the way she and her man express and connect. She winds up feeling hard done by and THINKS he is someone he is not. She never gets to see meet the King and God within him. She only ever sees the frog.


  1. Lack of Sacredness

♡ Due to porn and the movies and the pure out right manipulation of our sexuality that has gone on for far too long, most people do not understand or practice Sacred Sex. Sacred sex is about a reverence for the human body, sexual energy and it’s about bring spirit and deep love into sexual play. It involves your energy centers. Your magnetic poles. Sexual ritual and sex magic. In non spiritual terms it is sexual exercises, breathing exercises and approaches to sex that cause deeper connection and more expansive pleasure. It means balance of Shiva AND Shakti sex and truly honoring each other in union.

☆ Without sacredness sex becomes a means to an end. It becomes somewhat immature. Surface level. Superficial and a performance. You never get to experience the multitude of pleasure pathways within your body. Nor do you experience each others subtle and not so subtle energies. You have a limited experience of sex and sexual connection.


  1. Not delegating, asking for help or accepting help

♡ This links back to not prioritising your pleasure but its more than that. Often a woman takes on what a whole village of people AND the man would do. She is a mother, a wife, a business owner and all the roles within the business, a house keeper, a friend, a sister, an auntie… it’s TOO MUCH for one person. She often won’t delegate due to fears. Fear of lack of money. Fear of someone else not doing as good a job as her. Fear of letting people down. Fear of losing her independence.

☆ Without delegating a woman will burn out. It’s that simple. She will feel a sense of responsibility for everything and everyone all the time. She’ll never have time for herself. She is in DOING and GIVING mode 24-7. She may experience a sense of pride but inside her body is screaming for relaxation and playtime.


  1. Personal trauma

♡If a woman has experienced any kind of trauma this WILL store within her Yoni. Trauma can also look like self-judgement and shame. When a woman is holding onto these things, her yoni and body are in protection mode. Meaning “do not come near me” mode.

☆Without holistically approaching trauma and making this a practice (Sexual healing) this trauma can start running a woman’s life in many ways. Health and mental health issues can be the result of not tending to trauma.

These are just 10 reasons why women shut down sexually. These all go so much deeper and vary depending on YOU personally.

If you feel called to invest in your sexual self& your relationship with your man this year OR if you want to develop your craft, you will benefit from my 6 week course, Reawaken your Yoni LIVE which is starting April 2nd.

You are worthy of the love, connection, pleasure and expansive sex that is available for you and IS possible for you.

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Sex Positions – A Spiritual Perspective…

Hey Beauties,

I just uploaded this video about sex positions. I hope you enjoy it!

Just click the title or the video depending where you are viewing this.

In Pleasure

Money Matters – Heal your Money Shame!

Hey Beauties,

I created this video to help you heal your money shame. Money really does matter!!!

Visibility – Showing up for you clients!

Hey Pleasure Priestesses,

I created a little video for you to help you establish your visibility strategy.

I am really devoted to showing up for you and would love to encourage you to do the same for your tribe!

Click the YouTube link to view the video.

In Pleasure