Love-making tools to enhance or rekindle the passion within your relationship, that actually work!

Want some awesome new love-making tools to enhance or rekindle the passion within your relationship, that actually work?

Would you like to learn how to expand yours AND your man’s pleasure potential, connect with him on a deeper level and learn the secrets and techniques of Tantric massage for couples?

Whether you’re shut down sexually or on the tantric journey already or simply wanting some new techniques to bring to the bedroom, it’s so important to learn the RIGHT things that will positively transform your sex-life forever!


My man is beyond elated that we have embarked on this path together and my body thanks me every day for becoming sexual conscious and expressed!
Once you understand the masculine and feminine dynamic and how this plays out sexually you can start to really honour your body and being AND his. HE can start to honour you as a woman. It’s so easy!

Once you unearth the secrets of male and female pleasure you unlock your authentic expression and THIS is what leads to ecstatic bliss and the deeper love and connection you’ve always wanted with yourself and your man!


I’m hosting a one-off 4 day online workshop for women starting Friday 19th April to share this powerful wisdom and these learn-able skills with you, so you can bring this into your sex-life with you man.
It’s £88. I KNOW!!
Even if you are single or dating someone this workshop will be extremely beneficial for you personally AND put you in VERY good stead for your future sex-life.
I’m going to be sharing with you HOW to experience sustainable passion, expansive sexual experiences and 11 different kinds of orgasm. I’m going to be enlightening you about male pleasure and telling you the secrets of male orgasm too.
PLUS you will be learning the exact step by step massage techniques to be able to deeply satisfy each other and bring more love, connection, passion and skill into your sex-life with your man or future man!
I am leaning into a growth edge right now and I’ve been called to price this workshop at just £88. I have no idea, I’m just following the flow here! ha ha ha
I want to let you know that the content of the workshop is all PRERECORDED and you will have life-time access to it. There are also video demos of the techniques. Don’t worry no nudity!
And we will have LIVE Q&A calls each day of the workshop where you can ask me ANYTHING. If you can’t make the calls don’t fret because there is a secret Facebook group that you receive access to once you sign up- you can ask me questions in the group if you cannot make the calls but I highly recommend being on the calls to have your personal questions answered.
This information and these techniques have changed my life and my relationship for the better, FOREVER!

My desire is for ALL women to know this. YOU are the spark of desire, the initiatrix, the creatrix. Don’t wait for you man. Don’t live your life without finding your true pleasure potential. Come back home to your sexual self and let her set you and your man FREE!!!

Here’s the link to enroll…This will not be this price again so even if you cannot attend the live calls I recommend enrolling now anyway 😉


So much LOVE <3

Your Yoni LOVES attention…


She wants to be seen, noticed, appreciated and adored just like you do.

When you abandon her she feels grief, loneliness and sadness….just like when you do not receive the love and attention you require within your relationship and in life.
Love really isn’t something you just feel. It’s something you engage in, something you express, something you prioritise and practice…it’s something you share.
Where attention goes, energy flows!!!
When you withhold your love and do not include your Yoni into where you place your loving attention…
You Yoni will start to feel deep sorrow.
The issue I see is that women have no clue HOW to love their Yoni in ways that truly nourish and support her.
A woman who does not understand her body and her yoni will often cause more damage than good to her sexual self.
She will base sensuality and sexuality on a conditioned and limited expression that isn’t truly loving or sustainable for her body…for her yoni.
Her yoni will mistrust her due to this.
It’s like when you receive the wrong kind of attention or when your man doesn’t seem to get what your saying. It’s like not having your needs met or receiving what you REALLY want!
You can feel misunderstood, not seen or heard, totally UNappreciated for who you are and all you do…you can also feel objectified deep inside.
Yep…this is how your yoni feels too, when you do not educate yourself about her complexities, when you do not honour her…
She feels hurt, let down, frustrated, pained, misunderstood and dismissed.
This has an emotional and energetic impact on you as a woman.
This has a catastrophic impact on your relationship with your man.
If you do not know how to love your yoni, do not expect your man to know!
You have the power and opportunity to transform all of this.
Finally our sexual REMEMBERING is upon us.
Tantra is becoming main stream…
Sacred sexuality and what I teach…’SHAKTI SEX’…
Are becoming more and more wide spread.
The RISE of the Divine Feminine and Balancing of the Masculine…is HAPPENING!!!
If you are feeling the calling to become empowered and expressed sexually…

Reawaken Your Yoni🌹 6 week online course is available for you for £888

This starts with YOU Shakti. This is YOUR birthright!

Here’s the link for this incredible course experience:



How is your sex-life? What’s it like for you?



Hi Love,

I want to share something that I believe is revolutionising conscious monogamy and long term relationships.

Its something that has transformed my relationship with my body and my man in profound ways!


Shakti Sex (feminine sexual energy flow) = Different from Shiva Sex (the sex most people are used to, masculine sexual energy flow)

Without Shakti being honored, women tend to shut down sexually in long term relationships.

Some signs of this are:

♡Finding excuses to not be intimate and sexual with your partner.

♡Pain during and after sexual play

♡Feeling obligated to have sex and please your man.

♡Faking orgasm

♡Wanting sex to be over and done with as quickly as possible

♡Feeling like sex is another “To-do” or chore

♡Feeling turned on by other men and maybe women but not your man

♡Feeling turned off and cringy or ashamed and embarrassed about all sex, even when watching a sex scene in a movie

♡Conveniently being too busy or arguing when the possibility of sex with your man is available

♡Feeling bored and underwhelmed by the sex you have

♡Feeling more like friends than lovers

♡Not expressing your authentic truth in the bedroom and your relationship in general

♡Numbness or not experiencing the full range of pleasure your body has within her

♡ Disconnect and going into your head during sexual play

♡Performing rather than being embodied

♡Rushing to an end goal and focusing on orgasm and ejaculation

♡Contemplating whether the grass is greener else where

♡Worrying about your man being unsatisfied

♡Feeling resentful of your mans sexual desire for you

♡Feeling pressure and tensing up at the thought of sex

♡Inhibitions in the bedroom

♡Lack of total surrender

♡Lack of true enjoyment during sexual play

♡Needing a certain sequence to occur or for your man to say exactly the right thing for you to be “up for it”

♡Empty orgasms

♡Avoiding sex completely- sexless relationships

Its likely your sexual relationship with your man only honours SHIVA sex. The masculine energy flow.

Not many women or men even understand what Shakti sexual flow means.

And its caused an EPIDEMIC of ‘shut down’ women or women who are hyper-sexualized who eventually totally shut down too. It has caused an epidemic of sexual apathy. Sexual unconsciousness and limited sexual experience!

This lack of honouring the UNION ..meaning SHAKTI as well as Shiva..has meant that couples end up breaking up and divorcing because their approach to sex is totally unsustainable for a woman.

The good news is there is another way and the even better new is that men will actually experience THEIR fullest potential too…

Because SHAKTI is the spark that ignites SHIVA into his full power! With Shakti, Shiva can become full body orgasmic and he will experience pleasing his woman like never before and THIS is truly what men yearn for!

His awareness and honouring of Shakti will shift him into his most empowered expression.

HER honouring of her own Shakti will allow her to experience the gifts her being and body have to offer her.

Its time to unite in ways that nourish long term turn on and long term sexual BLISS!

It IS possible!!!

I invite you to Reawaken Your Yoni – my 6 week online course starting on 2nd April 2019.  I invite you and encourage you to come on this powerful journey of sexual empowerment for you and your relationship or future relationships:





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“Quantity” is the bi-product of the QUALITY of your relationship with your money

I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel for the first time in AGES! Woohoo 😀

Here’s the link – ENJOY:


Money, Sexuality and Soul Mission


There is a direct link between MONEY, SEXUALITY and your SOUL MISSION.

Healing your sexuality PLUS aligning with your SOUL = QUANTUM LEAPS in your finances!

It’s like a full body orgasm for you AND your bank account!

Your SOUL knows what to create! BOOM
Your sexual energy knows HOW to create it! BOOM
Consistent MONEY is just a byproduct of this chemistry baby! BOOM!

It’s not rocket science, it’s SOUL science…

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