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Cervical Bliss

Something AMAZING has happened for me.I have been crying tears of joy on and off since it started a couple of weeks ago.Something I have written on my list of desires for years, something I have had on my vision board for years, something that…

Love-making tools to enhance or rekindle the passion within your relationship, that actually work!

Want some awesome new love-making tools to enhance or rekindle the passion within your relationship, that actually work? Would you like to learn how to expand yours AND your man's pleasure potential, connect with him on a deeper level and…

Your Yoni LOVES attention…

She wants to be seen, noticed, appreciated and adored just like you do.When you abandon her she feels grief, loneliness and sadness....just like when you do not receive the love and attention you require within your relationship and…

How is your sex-life? What’s it like for you?

Hi Love,I want to share something that I believe is revolutionising conscious monogamy and long term relationships.Its something that has transformed my relationship with my body and my man in profound ways!SHAKTI SEX.Shakti…
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“Quantity” is the bi-product of the QUALITY of your relationship with your money

I have just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel for the first time in AGES! Woohoo :-DHere's the link - ENJOY:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9D4U1_WhKIE&feature=youtu.be

Money, Sexuality and Soul Mission

There is a direct link between MONEY, SEXUALITY and your SOUL MISSION.Healing your sexuality PLUS aligning with your SOUL = QUANTUM LEAPS in your finances!It's like a full body orgasm for you AND your bank account!Your SOUL knows…