How do you expect to harness your divine Feminine if you don’t embrace one major aspect of The Divie Feminine- Creativity!

It doesn’t matter how you are creative! Maybe you are thinking well I’m not good at art, I can’t dance, I don’t like painting, I don’t have time to listen to music.


Go be creative!

Who cares what you look like, whether you can paint or dance or not! Do it for the fun of it and no other reason!

You can be creative in creative ways.

You can do a class, calla creative friend and get them to help you with ideas, make up a dance routine like when you were a young teenager! LOL Make a creative make, design something, do fashion drawings of ideas you have, write a song, a poem, make something.

Anything to get your creative jucies flowing! Have fun with this.

Let yourself be free. Don’t worry about the outcome just enjoy the process completely.

Have a healthy day!



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