The space to be in is “relaxed arousal” ..Shakti energy!!!

It’s the space of acceptance, allowing, curiosity, playfulness, relaxation, joy and pleasure within and trusting and excitement for whats flowing.
Its juicy AND its vulnerable. It’s authentic. It requires devotion, trust, openness, surrender and to release judgement.
Its about allowing what is, accepting what is, even if it doesn’t look like how you THINK its should or you think it needs to.
You let go of control, micromanaging and the “thinking space” and come into the FEELING space and the UNKNOWN – the space of infinite possibility.
Its allowing pleasure and joy into what is, giving yourself credit for what is… whilst opening and feeling excited and trusting for whats to come. 
Being present in the moment AND excited for the journey and adventure.
Enjoying the JOURNEY. .
. . Whilst also knowing and having your boundaries and standards.
Its about consciously releasing agenda, goal, performance…its about releasing urgency and impatience and coming into authentic self expression
You come out of neediness and into opportunity to expand and grow and move through your growth edges into more and more abundance and pleasure.
Its consciously slowing down to allow for a more sustainable, lasting, nourishing experience…and to allow for inspiration to move you whilst you also lean back in powerful surrender (not passive or submissive)
Its accessing that creative force within and letting inspiration guide you to what’s next..you come into flow and sync with the universe.
You come into your Pleasure Power.
This is how you experience ecstatic experiences in your life and receive what you really want.
It is counter-intuitive to live this way due to our conditioning.
Ultimately everything we want and do is to experience the sensations of pleasure within us. All our higher emotions and desires lead to the sensations of pleasure within us.
This is a biological necessity for our survival as a species and for us to thrive as individuals.
On a cellular level our cells are either expanding in pleasure and towards pleasure or contracting in pain and from pain.
We are actually moving out of surviving and into thriving individually and as a collective and so its even more important we master this.
When you go into pushing, forcing and trying to make it happen, trying to GET.. you are in survival mode and operating within the 3D..
When you come into the way i’m speaking about…Shakti…Empowered Feminine, you move energy into matter (5D).
Rather than trying to move matter into different forms of matter, you become the alchemist…the creatrix.
This is how you collapse space and time.
Relaxed arousal is exactly the space to be in when creating life the Empowered Feminine Way.
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