Every woman NEEDS adventure…we are JOURNEY orientated.

This is why when we only honour masculine energy (Shiva, Yang) during sexual play we get board. This is because it’s SINGLE FOCUSED and goal orientated and so therefore it becomes monotonous over time for a woman!

When you honour Feminine Energy (Shakti, Yin) AS WELL…. that’s when you open to your most expansive, ecstatic sexual experiences.

Its the same in your day to day life and the running of your business.

If you don’t honour SHAKTI you will burn out, feel unfulfilled and never experience the pleasure, flow and bliss that is available for you.

For me personally, nature is a fantastic space full of adventure…when I’m in nature my Yoni lights up with creative force, orgasmic energy and it spills over into all areas of my life. I feel so ALIVE and juicy when I go to places I’ve never been before or seen before. I LOVE exploring the mountains and hilltops, the beaches, the jungle, the forests, the oceans and rivers…

This is “The constant simmer of pleasure” and sense of adventure ALL women require in order to be fully empowered and expressed.

Where does your sense of adventure want to take you today?

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