The truth is lovely that the first time I truly honoured my Yonis NO…

I sobbed afterwards. Not because I was sad but because I was filled with RAW emotion and gratitude.

The second time I fully honoured my yonis desires, afterwards again I was flooded with immense emotion.

I could FEEL my Yoni thanking me and Rory.

I felt a heavy energy dissipate from my physical body and flashbacks of ALL the times I didn’t honour my Yoni flashed in my mind in an instant and it felt like I truly released the past.

My Yoni felt safe. She felt trusting of me and my man.

It’s like she KNEW I was listening now. That I could hear her and that I had her back.

I felt a connection with my Yoni like never before.

Something that is hard to explain. But she felt like a consciousness, part of me but also an intelligent consciousness in her own right!

I felt my spirits be lifted and I was showered in pure joy, appreciation, gratitude and LOVE.

My heart expanded and my whole body RELAXED…my Yoni relaxed.

The issue is even in long term relationships and marriages women often don’t listen to their yoni.

A woman can go into people pleasing, obligation and performance. Penetration can happen way too soon. In fact its likely your Yoni doesn’t even want to be penetrated at all but often she is rushed into it and even forced or made to…

Even having her Yoni touched and stimulated can usually happen too soon and its in ways that cause the fire to burn fast and bright and then burn OUT. She is overstimulated and this causes excitement and so she may THINK she is ready…when really what her Yoni wants its to SLOW down and to be honoured fully..

She can feel somewhat empty afterwards. Disconnected. Underwhelmed. Confused and even shameful.

There are reasons this is happening.

There is a disconnect going on and a lack of understanding. Also a lack of respect and honouring.

Over time her Yoni will start to mistrust her and her partner. Her yoni may present with pain or numbness. Tension. Illness. Lack of libido.

It can cause her to dread sex. To not reeeeally enjoy it. It can even cause her to want more and more stimulation in order to get off and again she THINKS this is all great but deep inside her Yoni is in a state of grief and sorrow.

The issue is that the more stimulation and friction she endures, the less sensitive and sensitized she becomes.

Rub your forearm with friction and quite hard for a minute…what happens?

Now gently, with a feather light touch, slowly tickle your other forearm for a minute- what happens?

Which feels more sensitized and open for more touch?

Which feels like “ok that’s enough now”…

See what I’m saying?


You see a woman may feel somewhat rushed or is wanting to rush to get to the end goal…

Often a woman rushes sex because she is not fully enjoying it and she wants to please her partner or “get it over with”…

And due to this she goes even more into fast, excitement, friction, goal, peak and done type sex…

And so the issues perpetuate or worsen until her Yoni will turn off completely.

It’s so sad this happens especially when she loves her man and loves herself.

But this is far from loving!!!

This kind of sexual expression causes her to miss out on what’s really available for her!

The problem is most women don’t want to have to go through the sexual HEALING part of becoming sexually empowered.

It’s too scary. Too weird. She doesn’t want to cry during intimate times with her man, what will he think?!! She feels strange to be sexual with herself in new ways alone ..she doesn’t know HOW to heal or what to do….so she remains stuck in limited sexual experience and sexual shut down.

Here’s the thing… when she finally listens to her Yoni with herself AND her man…when she learns how to express her NO or NOT YET or SLOW DOWN…and when she takes away all agenda…. and honours what I call the sexual sanctuary and sex medicine…

Meaning there is no agenda to orgasm, to “have sex”, to feel or behave a certain way, to even have to feel pleasure…

Instead she allows what IS to surface and be felt and seen and heard…(via practical techniques and practices that work)

Something miraculous occurs…

Her Yoni will be flooded with pure joy, gratitude, a sense of safety and trust. She will feel DEEEEEEEPLY respected…

THEN, the next time she has the opportunity to be touched, she will feel more and more desire, openness and bliss…

It may take 10 times saying NO, not yet, slow down, enough, stop…before your Yoni trusts you and your man again.

I could write a whole book on this alone!

We are such complex sexual BEINGS…

It’s also so important to put in the ground work and foundations in before you even reach this point I’m speaking about.

There are things that are so beneficial for you and your body that you probably never practice.

How can you expect so much of your Yoni and sexual self when you know so little about them and you rarely honor what they are trying to communicate with you.

If you want to learn HOW to truly nourish your sexual self and understand your yoni, so you can open to expansive love, passion, pleasure and truly fulfilling sex and you know that this year is the year for you to invest in yourself and your relationship…

I am running my Reawaken Your Yoni 6 week online course LIVE starting 2nd April!!!

This is an immersion into your Sexual self and your Yoni.

Link to enroll:

Im so excited to meet you beautiful shakti 🌹


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