Hey Beautiful Being,

I want to share with you what really happens when you take up space in the MASCULINE energy space of goal, agenda, performance, achievement and excitement and friction during sexual play…

When a woman does this she prevents the DIVINE MASCULINE energy within herself, her man and the universe, from being able to be fully empowered and truly please her. She also blocks the flow of SHAKTI (feminine) energy within her body and being and from her man!!!!

When SHAKTI is not honored or expressed during sexual play…women burn out- AKA SHUT DOWN.

The passion, lust and desire she once felt for her man will literally burn out when there is only ONE way of sexual expression…when it is only SHIVA- masculine.

When she starts to honor herself for what and who she truly is, when she honors her cyclical nature, when she honors her delights, when she gets to know her body, when SHE SLOWS DOWN and becomes in tune with subtle energies, subtle sensations and subtle pleasures…..when SHE allows herself TIME to be in her DIVINE FEMININE energy…When she LEANS back – trusting, surrendered and receptive…(not passive or submissive)

The dynamic shifts.

Her man and the masculine energy of the universe can finally move towards her to please her…He will be deeply inspired to honor SHAKTI more and more…The more she honor herself!

Her female energy will flow abundantly and nourish every cell in her body and she will be able to experience the expansive sexual pleasure she has been longing for!

She can fully surrender and RECEIVE the BLISS that has been there waiting to be experienced!

The flow of Shakti energy can finally flow!

So often women are trying to be men- especially in the bedroom! They don;t even realise they are doing this because it is what we have been taught!

They want it to be over with as quick as possible, they aim to reach the goal of ejaculation for their man and orgasm for themselves, they make it a performance to get their man off, or rush to the end for fear they are taking too long. They therefore choose friction based, fast movements so that it speeds things up, there is only excitation, only FORWARD moving energy (masculine)…No relaxation, no exploring the journey and responsiveness and little receptivity (feminine)..And so the fire burns out fast.

Often it becomes a habitual sequence and for a women this becomes monotonous and boring. It becomes uninspiring and it can cause trauma within the Yoni…Literal physical trauma!

Energetically Shakti is being completely dismissed. A whole part of your BEING – of WHO YOU ARE is being completely abandoned during the times you are most vulnerable and intimate!

What women and men don’t realize is that there is BLISS in stillness. There is MAGIC in softness. There is POWER in slowness.

People don’t understand that sex isn’t just about sex…it’s about a powerful energetic union, it’s about healing, it’s about so much more than what we’ve been told and sold!

It’s about true vulnerable authentic expression…

Men cannot be truly authentic when not being inclusive of Shakti let alone women!

When the flow of feminine energy is being dismissed and denied, abandoned and forgotten….

It is totally unsustainable for long term connection, love, passion and desire!

Women – you are SO powerful. You are the spark that ignites the desire in men to honor SHAKTI flow…You are the inspiration that causes him to WANT to please you…

There are ways you can communicate, express and shine that will cause him to WANT to honor you…

And the most beautiful part of this is, that when your man honors the SHAKTI- He becomes his most empowered self- He can delight in experiences he may never thought possible!

THIS is the sacred union- the portal to the DIVINE IN body.

And SHAKTI, woman- it truly starts with you!

How can your man even begin to know SHAKTI unless you discover her for yourself first?

It’s time.

I’m hosting my Reawaken Your Yoni 6 week online course LIVE starting 2nd April.

This is really the place to BE if you are wanting to address your sexual-self and heal your blocks to bliss this year!

Here is the link to enrol on this journey to sexual empowerment: https://yourpeachylife.thinkific.com/courses/reawaken-your-yoni-live


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