An Immersion into The Energy Secrets of the universe – Men, Money and Sex . . .


Does this sound like you?…

  • I want to become masterful at manifestation
  • I want to be seen, heard and honored by my man
  • I want my man to joyfully meet my needs and desires
  • I want to learn how to communicate so my man can hear me and honor me
  • I want to have dream clients consistently flow TO me with ease and joy
  • I want to receive more money, more easily, more consistently
  • I want my business to work FOR me
  • I want to be my authentic self within my business, my relationship and sexually
  • I want to connect with my man on a deeper level day to day and sexually
  • I want to experience my pleasure potential with my man
  • I long to fully desire and enjoy sex with my man
  • I yearn fro more ease, pleasure, passion and flow in my life
  • I want to be fully expressed within my business, with my man and in the bedroom

  • I’m done tolerating distance between by man and I
  • I’m fed up of having to explain myself and repeat myself with him
  • I don’t know HOW to make him understand me, respect and appreciate me
  • I’m fed up of him not believing in me or putting a downer on my dreams
  • I’m done feeling like everything is “all on me!”
  • I’m ready to become unstuck from this plateau financially
  • I want more of the RIGHT clients showing up ready to sign up and pay
  • I don’t want to feel like I’m pushing and forcing things to happen
  • I want more balance in my life
  • I want to feel relaxed around my business, money, my man and sex-life
  • I know there is more to sexuality and sensuality than I have been letting in.
  • I’m done with holding back.
  • I want to feel confident in my own skin and trusting of my erotic self.
  • I want to feel relaxed, expressed and liberated with myself and my man
  • I want to connect with myself and my man in ways I’ve never allowed before.
  • I want to understand my Yoni.
  • I want to understand myself as a woman, a female.
  • I want to BE more open and receptive to pleasure, orgasm, bliss and abundance!
  • I want to know HOW to access the magic that I know is within me.
  • I want to become an ecstatic and magnetic woman.
  • I’m ready to journey deeper.
  • I’m done with where I’m at and ready for my next growth edge
  • I want extraordinary. I want depth. I want Soul. I want expansion!
  • I’m ready to say YES to my yearnings and desires.
  • I’m ready to say YES to my vision of success.
  • I’m ready to say YES to true fulfillment and true empowerment!


You Receive:
Weekly Life transforming pre-recorded content, Play-sheets, Journal exercises, tools and guided audios to keep for LIFE!

Week 1: Portal of Energy

~ Understanding the Masculine and Feminine Energy Dynamic

~ The space between the energies

~ The Empowered and Wounded energies Archetypes

~ The Union of Energies

Week 2: Portal Of Sexual Power

~ Understand the Shiva vs Shakti Sexual Energy dynamic

~ Your Yoni and Sexual Self

~ Electromagnetism

~ Your Holistic Sexual- Self

Week 3: Portal of Balance

~ Balancing the wounded energies

~ Empowered Authentic Self-Expression

~ Standards, Boundaries, Requirement and Toleration

-Intuition and Your Guidance System

~Honoring Shakti

Week 4: Portal of Attraction

~Being magnetic to your desires

~Drawing in the Empowered Masculine Energy within others and the Universe TO you

~ The time before receiving

~Your Pleasure Compass, Love Compass, Money Compass, Biz Compass and Client Compass

~Your pleasure power

~Points of attraction and attraction killers:

Week 5: Portal of Abundance

~ Your relationship with money

~ Your money blocks, money drains and money leaks

~ Your receptivity Capacity

~ Your relationship with the Universe

Week 6: Portal of Embodiment

Luxury Five Star, Five Day Retreat

This is retreat is an practical immersion into the teachings within the course

  • Yoni Breathing

  • Tantra

  • Dancing

  • Sisterhood healing circle

  • Family constellations

  • Personal coaching and mentoring

  • Teachings

  • Integration, processing, practice & implementation time

  • Personal Relaxation time

  • Pre - recorded video sessions and practices

  • Play-sheets and Info sheets

  • 2 private 90 minute 1:1 sessions with me (unless you opt for 3 months)

  • Access to the secret Facebook group space

  • Luxury 5* villa, 4 night retreat with private vegan chef, in Thailand


This is your time to fully devote yourself to your
Pleasure & Empowerment!



Prices do not include flights

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