An Immersion into all things Pleasure and Sex – Magic . . .


Does this sound like you?…

  • I want to experience more pleasure in my body.
  • I want to become multi-orgasmic.
  • I want to experience energy orgasm.
  • I long to be more present during sexual play with myself and my partner.
  • I don’t want to shut down and feel turned off anymore.
  • I want to expand my experience of pleasure.
  • I’m bored of friction based, goal orientated sexual play and know there’s more to this!
  • I have past trauma that prevents me from enjoying my body, sensuality and sexuality.
  • I feel the call to a more spiritual, sacred and expansive way of sexual experience and expression.
  • I want to feel turned on, vibrant, horny, and juicy.
  • I want to feel free within my body and with my man.
  • I want to go to new spaces and places that I’ve never been before with my sexuality and sensuality with myself and partner.
  • I want to go on adventure within me and discover what is possible, what my body and being can truly offer me.
  • I want to heal my blocks to bliss. I so want to overcome the things that hold me back from enjoying my body, my partner…my life!!!
  • I want to love myself more fully than ever before.
  • I want to move beyond shame and guilt.
  • I want to feel ALIVE.
  • I want to let my wild side out in healthy ways that feel safe yet exciting!

  • I know there is more to sexuality and sensuality than I have been letting in.
  • I’m done with holding back.
  • I want to feel confident in my own skin and trusting of my erotic self.
  • I want to feel relaxed, expressed and liberated with myself and my partner.
  • I want to know HOW to communicate in empowered ways with my man, that inspire him to meet all my needs with joy.
  • I want to connect with myself and my man in ways I’ve never allowed before.
  • I want to understand my Yoni.
  • I want to understand myself as a woman, a female.
  • I want to connect with my Yoni more. I want to honor my body more.
  • I want PASSION.
  • I want to BE more open and receptive to pleasure, orgasm, bliss and abundance!
  • I want to know HOW to access the magic that I know is within me.
  • I want to become ecstatic.
  • I’m ready to journey deeper.
  • I’m done with mediocre. I’m done with mundane.
  • I want extraordinary. I want depth. I want Soul. I want expansion!
  • I’m ready to say YES to my yearnings and desires.
  • I’m ready to say YES to MYSELF.


If you sense working with me will benefit you, here’s more details about the Retreat – Intensive:

This is a 4 week intensive with a 4 night retreat, unless you opt for the 3 month 1:1 support option.

You will have immediate access to the secret Facebook group with resources and pre-recorded video sessions and practices that you can download and keep forever!

You have access to the secret Facebook group space throughout our time together.

You also receive 2 private 1:1 90 minute sessions with me after the retreat and private Messenger access for those 2 weeks.

If you opt for the 3 month support- you will have 3 1:1 sessions per month and Messenger access for the full 3 months.

I will be teaching you about sacred sexuality, sex magic and pleasure.

We will be delving into the complexities of your Yoni, Sensuality, Sexual-self and Pleasure.

I will also be teaching about the masculine and feminine energy dynamic relating to sexual expression with yourself and within relationship. As well as how to cultivate and experience desire, passion and bliss with yourself and partner.

PLUS I will be teaching all about orgasmic manifestation.

AND how you can apply ALL of this to your life, business, money and too!

This is an immersion into all things Pleasure & Sex Magic!

  • Yoni Breathing

  • Tantra

  • Dancing

  • Sisterhood healing circle

  • Family constellations

  • Personal coaching and mentoring

  • Teachings

  • Integration, processing, practice & implementation time

  • Personal Relaxation time

  • Pre - recorded video sessions and practices

  • Play-sheets and Info sheets

  • 2 private 90 minute 1:1 sessions with me (unless you opt for 3 months)

  • Access to the secret Facebook group space

  • Luxury 5* villa, 4 night retreat with private vegan chef, in Thailand


This is your time to fully devote yourself to your
Pleasure & Empowerment!


I want you to actually EXPERIENCE and EMBODY your Divine sexual self, the masculine and feminine energy union and your Yoni power, so that you can fully understand this on a visceral 3D level – not just in the mind!

This is all about EMBODYING this powerful wisdom and experiencing what your Yoni, body and being has to offer you!


The date of the retreat will be either 4th – 8th February 2019 or 18th – 22nd February 2019

Location: Ko Samui or Phuket Thailand (to be confirmed)


Prices do not include flights

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