Master the energy secrets of The Universe and learn to operate in your Empowered Feminine Energy so that you experience the Love, Pleasure, Sex and Money you’ve always wanted.


Does this sound like you?…

  • I want to be my most empowered self within my business, my relationship and sexually
  • I long for more ease, pleasure, passion and flow in my life
  • I want to be fully expressed with my money, my man and in the bedroom
  • I want to become a magnetic and ecstatic woman.
  • I’m ready to journey deeper into my sexual self and sex-life
  • I want to learn how to operate in ways that truly serve me and inspire the best in my man, potential clients, and clients.

  • I know I am here for extraordinary, expansive, exponential growth and fulfillment  
  • I am so ready to feel relaxed with my money, my man, and sexually.
  • I want to know what effortless flow really feels like.
  • I want to experience myself, my man, my pleasure, and my money in new and adventurous ways that are sustainable and satisfying.
  • I’m ready to say YES to my yearnings and desires.
  • I’m ready to say YES to my vision of success.
  • I’m ready to say YES to true fulfillment and true empowerment.
  • I’m ready to say YES to being wildly successful, ecstatically expressed and deeply nourished.


You Receive:

> Weekly calls with me (Private 1:1 or group depending)

> Access to the Rising in Love and Money Course Process-Life transforming pre-recorded weekly content, play-sheets, journal exercises, tools and guided audios to keep for LIFE.

  • Week 1: Understanding The Masculine and Feminine Dynamic & The Archetypes

    ~ The Divine Masculine and Feminine’s Soul Purpose

    ~ The Divine Masculine’s and Feminine’s Expression

    ~ The Empowered Masculine and Feminine

    ~ The Wounded Masculine and Feminine

    ~ The Voice of the Wounded Masculine and Feminine

    ~ The Empowered and Wounded Archetypes

  • Week 2: Inspiring The King and God & Empowered Communication

    ~ The Empowered Archetype Activation

    ~ The 6 Keys to inspire the Empowered Masculine

    ~ Understanding your man (The Masculine)

    ~ Empowered Communication

    ~ Being an Empowered Femme Woman

    ~ Responsiveness

  • Week 3: Being Magnetic to The Empowered Masculine and Your Pleasure Power

    ~ Attraction and how it really works

    ~ Standards, Boundaries, Requirements and Toleration

    ~Your inner Empowered Masculine 

    ~ Your Pleasure Power

    ~ The Sweet Spot

    ~ Magical Manifestation

  • Week 4: Client Attraction, Sales and Receiving

    ~Your Empowered Feminine Business

    ~ Empowered Feminine Marketing and Sales

    ~ Client Attraction

    ~Overcoming Client Attraction Blocks

    ~ Intuition and resistance

    ~ Receiving

  • Week 5: Strategy and Systems & Client Communication and Coaching Skills

    ~ The Truth About Strategy

    ~ Strategy Options

    ~ Interruption and Search Engine Marketing

    ~ Structures and Systems 

    ~ How strategy and systems can work FOR you

    ~Client Communication and Coaching Skills

  • Week 6: Your Relationship with Money & Exponential Wealth

    ~ The Divine Masculine Energy Within Money

    ~ Healing The Wounded Energies With Money

    ~ Money Attraction

    ~ Exponential Wealth

    ~ Overcoming Money Related Issues

    ~ Global Impact and The Highest Form of Wealth Consciousness

  • Week 7: Conscious Monogamy and The Sexual Dynamic

    ~Conscious Monogamy

    ~ Self Sourcing

    ~ Types of Love and Lovers

    ~ Shiva – Shakti Sex Dynamic

    ~ Limited to Expansive Sex

    ~ Electromagnetism and Chemistry

  • Week 8: Nourishing Shakti and Sensuality

    ~ The 14 Keys to Shakti

    ~ Your Yoni

    ~ The Nature of Shakti

    ~ Healing, Intimacy and Eroticism 

    ~ Your 5 senses and The Elements of Touch

    ~ Relaxed Arousal

  • Week 9: The Secrets of Female Pleasure

    ~ Yoni Healing

    ~ Yoni Practices

    ~ Yoni Anatomy

    ~ 3 Keys to Pleasure

    ~ Types of Orgasm

    ~ 63 Nerve Pathways to Orgasm

  • Week 10: The Secrets of Male pleasure and Sexual Bliss

    ~ His Lingam and practices for him

    ~ Orgasm and Ejaculation

    ~ Vasectomy, premature ejaculation and loss of erection

    ~ The 4 Pillars Of Tantra

    ~ What he needs and what she needs

    ~ Tantric massage for couples


Please note the retreat for the group program is cancelled for now. The price has been shifted accordingly. There is no retreat for the 1:1 option, unless you also book a VIP experience.

  • Yoni Breathing

  • Tantra

  • Dancing

  • Sisterhood healing circle

  • Family constellations

  • Personal coaching and mentoring

  • Teachings


  • Personal Relaxation time

  • Pre - recorded video sessions and practices

  • Play-sheets and Info sheets

  • 1 private 60 minute 1:1 session with me

  • Access to the secret Facebook group space

  • Luxury Location

This is your time to fully devote to your
Pleasure & Empowerment!



12 week group program £3333

1:1 options are minimum of 3 months starting at £5k

Prices do not include flights

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