She told me she has gone off sex with her man but still loves him so much…

Powerful Shakti,

I was chatting with a friend. She tells me she has gone off sex with her love. She still loves him sooo much but she is not feeling sexual these days.

She asked me…

“Is this it? There must be more to sex than this, am I just too old now?…”

This is not uncommon…

If you sense there has to more to sex than what you are currently experiencing

I want to encourage you to TRUST your intuition here.

If you are fed up of feeling limited sexually with yourself and partner and you want to learn how to fully enjoy sex, feel fulfilled and nourished by it AND deepen your connection and expand your pleasure potential…

Then you are in luck because I have THE most amazing course that I am running LIVE starting on the 2nd April…

Realllyyy sssooooon!!!!

In this course I will share with you everything you need to know AND HOW to implement it AND give you guided practices so you actually become EMBODIED.

This course includes everything I have learnt…I spent thousands of pounds on this and years of healing and practice .

I’ve designed this course so that you can heal,  flourish and bloom.

Your sexual self MATTERS. Your experience of your sensuality and pleasure MATTERS.

Stop abandoning the yearnings within you.

Start listening to your body.

Give yourself permission to explore yourself!

My clients have turned their relationship with their sexual selves AND with their partners around, since learning this information and implementing these tools and practices.

If you sense there has to be more to sex….

You are right.

Reawaken Your Yoni LIVE is running for the second time and starting 2nd April…

You receive LIFE TIME access to pre-recorded content, journal exercises and practices to implement and amazing guided audios to help you become embodied.

We have weekly live group calls on Tuesdays where you have access to me personally, so I can support you fully. Feel free to ask me ANYTHING!

I’m so excited.

You are so worthy of your desires….

Here’s the link to start your journey to sexual empowerment:



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