Are you done with not receiving the dream clients you really want?

Just to let you know, the high premium dream clients you truly want to work with DO exist and right now you are letting them go to other coaches, healers and service providers!

Tell me, have you had success with your smaller offerings and you LOVE your business but KNOW you are worthy of premium clients?
The truth is you are afraid to rock the boat or change what is working for you, right?
I feel you and want you to know that you will be ADDING to your business success not rocking the boat!
Have you been trying to sell your premium program but it’s not flowing. You feel “done” with doing all the hard work and still not having what you actually want?
You doubt premium and have some money shame showing up and self-judgments around having a premium offering?
I need to share some secrets with you…
When you don’t honour your desire for premium you are selling yourself short and avoiding your expansion. You are limiting the success of your business. You are dismissing your GENIUS. You are not allowing yourself to work with the people who resonate at YOUR frequency! 

You are also preventing incredible people from receiving the level of support they require and you’re preventing their expansion too!

What else?….
When you DON’T go into doing, getting, making it happen, convincing, justifying, pushing, forcing, leading or “helping” in your marketing and sales conversations (wounded masculine)
When you DON’T go into lowering your fees, catering to potential clients, creating small payment plans to suit them, selling yourself short to fit their perceived needs and lack, coaching them before they have signed up and paid (Wounded Feminine)
Instead you own your genius and honour your true desires, worth and value. You express yourself authentically and shine your light! (Empowered Feminine within you) AND you stand firm, have conviction, don’t waver (Empowered Masculine within you)…AND you see your potential clients in THEIR POWER as EMPOWERED and not needing to be saved…
You create an irresistible, inviting JUICY SPACE that inspires the empowered masculine energy of the universe within your potential clients- meaning; the forward moving energy, the making it happen energy, the go getting energy… within your potential clients to step forward, come TO you and close the gap.
The Divine Empowered Masculine energy of the universe cannot help but be magnetized and compelled towards to what it knows it wants!
The Divine Masculine energy within others CANNOT step up into it’s empowered energy and expression when you are in your wounded energies and expressions. It simply cannot not. 

Do you realise you are in your own wounded energy when you don’t honour your desires?

When you RECEIVE in the EMPOWERED FEMININE way it feels like ease, joy, integrity and empowerment for you BOTH!
This is truly THE most empowered and GENUINE way to RECEIVE clients.
EMPOWERED FEMININE PREMIUM is a new paradigm and new way of BEING in business. It is creating a new economy and redistributing wealth on the planet, into the hands of people that care, like YOU. 
It means you don’t burn out. You can stop TRYING, struggling, pushing, forcing…
You can finally receive what you REALLY want in ways that feel good.
It IS possible. This is how I receive my premium dream clients and how my clients receive theirs!
You get to be your most authentic self and LEAN back in trust – This is NOT passive and not submissive.
You are a POWERFUL creatrix! But the WAY you create, attract and RECEIVE is EVERYTHING!
Empowered Feminine Living is a skill you can learn and an art you can master!
I have to say it is SO counter-intuitive initially but it WORKS better than anything else I have ever known…Because it is SUSTAINABLE energetically and for your mind, body and being and it is truly empowered for you and others!
If you want to learn how to become an Empowered Feminine Premium Coach, mentor, healer or service provider this year, please click the link to apply to work with me:
I’m SO excited and elated to be teaching this!