Would you like to become empowered within your relationship and sex-life?

You are not alone!

So many women in long term relationship dynamics find themselves wondering “what happened?”

So often women take up space in the Masculine energy space within their relationship and sex-life.

Unfortunately this is unsustainable for most women, long term and she will burn out, feel hard done by, never see the MAN in her man and she will likely shut down sexually too.

It’s an EPIDEMIC within long term relationships.

Many women do not feel appreciated, seen, heard, validated, understood or supported by her man.

The truth is though it is SHE who has the power and influence and to inspire these very things to step forth from him.

Sexually things have likely become monotonous and feel like a duty or obligation.

And best case scenario she has an OK sex-life but she KNOWS there is a deeper level of sexual experience available to her but has NO idea where to start or how to even broach this subject with her man in ways that won’t hurt him.

The issue I see is that women succumb to this way of being. They tolerate to the point of becoming apathetic!

She often doesn’t even realise there is a way for her to receive the love, passion and fulfillment she longs for with her man!

Sometimes she will end up seeking answers outside of the relationship or go on feeling dissatisfied in many ways…both these things can lead to unnecessary break ups and divorces or life times of lack of true fulfillment.

?If you:

♡ Are support with how to communicate with your man in ways he can actually hear.

♡ Want to experience the King and God from him, rather than the frog.

♡ Long to feel less distance and more connection and love.

♡ Want to feel appreciated, seen and heard by him.

♡ Yearn for more passion.

♡ Desire a more fulfilling sex-life with him.

♡ Are curious to explore your pleasure

♡ Feel more like roomies or friends than lovers and Divine Partners.

♡ Tend to feel like everything is on you and you feel unsupported a lot of the time.

♡ Have blocks to bliss preventing you from the love, connection and sex you long for with your man.

♡ Worry that this is how it is going to be forever if you don’t do something to shift this BUT you know he is not going to be on board with going to see a couples therapist or sex therapist AND you already know that’s not the answer anyway…

Then I would like to invite you to my program
❤?Rising in Love?❤

This journey will be DEEPLY empowering and beneficial for you and your relationship this year.

This is just for YOU, Goddess but this will transform your dynamic with your man and you will finally see what he is capable of too!

I want to teach you the energy secrets of the masculine and feminine dynamic, so you can experience how powerful and influential you really are when it comes to your relationship with your man.

I want to share with you all the tools you need to awaken your sexual self and open to the passion, love and fulfilling sex with him that you’ve been yearning for.

I could say SO much more…

If you are ready to invest in your relationship and sexual-self this year PM me for more details of this incredible program or apply by clicking the link below:


In Pleasure

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