Hey lovely,

I want you to know you are not alone if you find self-pleasure a waste of time, boring, strange or like a quick fix…

Women also share with me that they treat these things like a means to and end and they rush to what they perceive as the finish line, the end goal. They do this with their men too.

It feels somewhat emtpy after, not to mention the soreness and pain they feel either during penetration or during sexual play or afterwards or all of the above. Whether alone or with their partners.

They feel a disconnect when what they are longing for is connection.

They feel an emptiness when what they yearn for is wholeness.

This is a HUGE problem that women just tolerate to be their “normal”..

Women across the globe believe this is just the way it is.

This breaks my heart. To know that millions of women around the world are limited to this experience of their Yoni and Sexual self.

Millions of women have shut down or numbed out or don’t experience their full pleasure potential.

And it’s like they are OK with that!

They’ve become so disconnected that they are apathetic.

Underneath the apathy is fear.

Its fear of their sexual selves. Fear of their own power. Fear of the unknown. Fear of sin. Fear of what may surface. Fear of being too much to handle. Fear of rejection … I could go on all day..

Deep down these women are done with tolerating such a limited experience of their sexual self.

Their YONIS are yearning for something different, something nourishing and something fulfilling.

The solution is to say YES to the yearnings of your Yoni and to TRUST in her…follow this calling…

It’s not going to go away.

But many women die before they know their Yoni and their sexual self. Before they’ve had the chance to experience a deeply nourishing, loving and blissful relationship with their sacred sexual selves…

Before they truly love themselves on all levels.

The solution is to be brave and to honor your Yoni.

For she is part of you SHAKTI.

Maybe you have begun the journey into the treasures and secrets within your Yoni… maybe you’ve read books, seen a few webinars and have given a few things a try…

But if you’re being honest with yourself you know that you’ve barely taken the first step…

I celebrate you for starting to listen to your body! I celebrate you for being on this path…

And I invite you and any other women who can feel this calling to journey with me for 6 weeks to Reawaken Your Yoni.

I am running a 6 week course starting in November where I will be teaching all about Shakti sex and the Yoni. I will be taking you through a step by step process that I have designed through my own personal experience of being completely traumatized and shut down sexually to being OPEN for love, pleasure and sex once more.

You will have life time access to this course, the practices and guided audios.

This isn’t just a 6 week course- this is a life time transformation.

If you are ready to say YES to the yearnings of your Yoni this year enrol here: https://yourpeachylife.thinkific.com/courses/reawaken-your-yoni-live


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