Hi Gorgeous Goddess,

This post is for you and your man!

I learnt this info via Dianna and Michael Richardson and have added my own wisdom too here.

Let’s face reality: men usually desire sex more often than their female partners over time. Ever wondered why?

The truth is that for women the few minutes (10-30) of sexual interaction are not really satisfying. There is hardly sufficient time for her body to warm up and celebrate the occasion.

I know what you’re thinking ladies- “I just want it to be over with so why would I want it to last LONGER?”- Trust me when you start honoring your female body during sexual play, you will want it to last ALL day!!!!

Anyway, this sadly implies that most women repeatedly return from sexual encounters feeling unfulfilled and at a loss (even if they “had an orgasm”-which is usually a peak orgasm via the clitoris, if she experiences one at all)…

…She returns from the encounter with a sense that the pleasures of sex are not worth the efforts of sex. (there’s a deeper reason for this I will share soon)

Feelings such as these can get firmly embedded and cause many women to begin to avoid sex.

Research reveals that 82% of women would rather kiss and cuddle than have sex!!!!!! They find the exchange more nourishing! EIGHTY TWO PERCENT of women in long term relationships!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The choice to cuddle instead of have sex is a reflection of a women’s lack of true enjoyment when the lingam (penis) is in the Yoni (vagina- but there’s more to Yoni that that).

Men can rest assured that the reluctant sexual response of a woman is not a MENTAL or even conscious response wherein she suddenly decides she does not want sex….The closing down of a woman’s body is usually a slow, gradual process.

The withdrawal from sex is PHYSICAL issue and something which a woman does not have much conscious control. (Unless you both start honoring shakti of course)

A woman going through this can feel she is alone in her unexpected and uninvited turnoff to sex with her partner…but it is a VERY common universal theme.

Repeated lack of fulfillment plays a HUGE part in why women experience a loss interest in sex. Women are definitely not frigid by nature, but their bodies start to freeze over when the sex is always hot, hard and quick.

I want to share another layer to this- The REASON a woman’s body is unfulfilled and her Yoni shuts down is because the way a woman’s body, turn on and pleasure works are the total opposite of a man’s!

Repeated friction based, goal orientated (and therefore performance driven and fast) sex actually causes a woman’s Yoni to come out of RECEPTIVE (feminine) mode and into ACTION and PROTECTIVE (masculine) mode.

The tissues within the Yoni will harden over time to protect her delicate and sensitive interior and especially her cervix (where there is deep pleasure to be explored)….

….The muscles will constrict and contract and tighten – and no this is NOT a good thing when there is ZERO relaxation during sexual play. This tightness can be mistaken for strength and tone but a woman who has vaginal tension in this way will actually find it very challenging to engage her vaginal muscles or be dexterous!

This tension, tightness and constriction is actual TRAUMA for the Yoni and the woman.

The Yoni becomes traumatized and so of course a woman will shut down to sex -especially with her partner- who is the one repeatedly traumatizing her Yoni without realizing! I know this sounds harsh but it’s the truth!

Another way shut-down presents itself is when a woman becomes HYPER-SEXUAL- meaning a woman will require more and more stimulation to “get off”- this is total desensitization of the Yoni. It’s total disconnect. It’s total abandonment of Shakti.

This causes sexual numbness and eventually leads to TOTAL shut down and it can be challenging to reawaken the Yoni and women to her beautiful Shakti body! (challenging but 100% possible)

Giving birth is also another way the Yoni can change and reawakening is required afterwards but so many women do not take the time for this and wind up with female sexual health issues!

I personally experienced sexual shut down with my man! Here’s why…

I was molested as a child and as a result when I hit puberty (for me 15-16) I became an insatiable sex addict! I was extremely promiscuous at the determent to my health and well-being. I was drug crazy and a total party animal. This went on for years, well into my mid 20’s.

You see, sometimes when there is sexual abuse, a person can become what is known as “excessively receptive” – Meaning my root chakra was wide open and I had zero boundaries for years. I lacked any kind of morals when it came to sex.

There doesn’t have to be sexual abuse for this to occur and I want to point out there is a difference between being consciously aware of your choice to have multiple sexual partners- than what I was doing, believe me!

Instead of honoring my body, I abused myself and abandoned myself.

When I met my LOVE, my Divine Partner, unfortunately I was at a point where Yoni shut down was inevitable. I was healing SO much sexually and over time, with this SHIVA (masculine) approach to sex with him (we both didn’t know any better)…I switched off. SHUT DOWN. TURNED OFF!

For months I felt obligated, sad, worried, confused. How could I love him sooo much yet not want to have sex with him anymore… I cried myself to sleep more than once.

I still had a libido though. I still yearned for connection and passion. I even desired other men and women (because they were not accidentally traumatizing my yoni -this knowing was subconscious)…

I still yearned and longed for sex…But just not like THAT. I just couldn’t bring myself to have sex in the ways I had been all these years, anymore!

I actually started to look outside of myself and the relationship for the answers- I thought maybe a different man was the solution, maybe a threesome, maybe if we spice things up, maybe I’m not with my divine partner after all.

Deep down I knew I wanted to be with my TRUE love but I was SO confused.

Deep down I knew this situation would repeat and repeat if I didn’t heal this!

That there was no use seeking for answers outside of myself and our relationship…

I became a woman on a mission to save our relationship.

I totally blamed myself. I had immense guilt. I felt totally responsible and cursed my body. I felt SO bad about it all. This guilt spilled over into so many aspects of my life- It destroyed me. I was a walking ball of guilt and shame for months.

I didn’t know what to do or how to shift. I didn’t know if we would make it through. I didn’t know if I’d ever enjoy sex again.

But I knew I would not tolerate this from myself or in my life and relationship any longer!

Something in me told me “It’s not your fault, it’s not his fault…society doesn’t know what sex REALLY is, You must honor your SHAKTI. Shakti has been suppressed, Shakti has been suppressed SHAKTI HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED!!!”…

The message was loud and clear:

I must express SHAKTI
I must find out who Shakti is and what SHE wants
I must find out HOW to honor SHAKTI….

THIS is why I embarked on this incredible journey of sensual and sexual discovery.

This is why I now teach other women the ancient wisdom of sacred sexuality and sex magic!

This is how I KNOW what is possible for ALL women, not just me!

If your Yoni has shut down or has a limited experience of sensuality and sex- There IS a way for you (and your partner)…

The solution is to understand and become very aware of the Shiva- Shakti energy dynamic and how it expresses sexually, so you can honour your Shakti and reawaken your yoni- to open her to deep connection, love, pleasure, passion and expansive sex!

This is why I am hosting my 6 week online course LIVE April 2nd


If you are ready to receive support, powerful teachings, wisdom, practical practices and guided audios that will transform your body and being FOREVER, you will deeply benefit from this course.

You are worthy of your deepest yearning and desires. You are worthy of exquisite pleasure. You are worthy of living your most ecstatic life!

In Pleasure


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