Hey Goddess,

I want to speak about vaginal pain during and after sexual play.

This is a clear sign that you are NOT honoring your SHAKTI (empowered feminine) fully and on all levels.

Your body is trying so hard to communicate with you. Your Yoni is asking you to SLOW DOWN.

Usually when you don’t listen to your body when she is expressing pain it leads to a limited sexual experience.

Do you have limited orgasm? Do you only orgasm via a certain habitual pathway?

Are you just experiencing PEAK orgasm but would love to experience other types orgasmic experiences?

Now, I am by no means invalidating or trivializing your pleasure and peak orgasms.

However, when there is pain and ONLY peak orgasm then this is a clear sign that you are not honoring SHAKTI. The empowered feminine!

Some more signs of not honoring Shakti…

Are you willing your man to ejaculate as fast as possible?

When you self pleasure do you rush to the end goal and treat it like a means to an end?

Are you unable to fully let go and express your true wild self in the bedroom?

Do you feel resistant to sexual play with yourself and your man?

Do you go into your head and/or experience numbness?

Are you still not receiving the money you desire?

The clients you REALLY want to work with?

Is your business still not FEELING delightful?

Do you feel like everything is on you?

Do you feel unappreciated?

When a woman doesn’t understand her own Shakti, she will feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled and disconnected from ecstatic pleasure and her TRUE desires on all levels.

Usually if this continues within herself and within the relationships sexual space, she will start to go off her man. Her Yoni will shut down and turn OFF to HIM and even to herself. She will become desensitized and detached from her core essence and being!

The deep heart connection and passion you crave with your man on this level wont be able to be felt or experienced fully.

Not only this but when you do not understand and honor SHAKTI within your sexual self and your life this prevents you from receiving your what you really want in other areas of your life too!

I see this time and time again.

There is deep rooted shame and blocks to bliss.

It impacts your confidence and ability to RECEIVE on all levels!

You are not allowing yourself the thing you secretly deeply yearn for.

Your relationship with your sexual self is EVERYTHING.

When you are experiencing and expanding your pleasure potential within your body, especially the parts of you that usually get no attention throughout the day…

Especially the parts of you DESIGNED for abundant pleasure, the parts of you that connect so closely with the Divine energies of the universe within your body and expression..

You become truly empowered within your whole life.

You become fully expressed and fully embodied.

So often it’s the last piece to the puzzel. So often it’s the thing women put off , avoid and suppress…

But it’s the very thing that will unlock the gateway to your most ecstatic life.

And the good news is its infinite and abundant and the journey gets better and better. It’s ever nourishing and ever expanding!

To begin your journey to sexual empowerment I recommend joining my Reawaken Your Yoni LIVE 6 week online course:

Here is the link to enrol: https://yourpeachylife.thinkific.com/courses/reawaken-your-yoni-live

You are worthy of the bliss available to you!

In Pleasure




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