She wants to be seen, noticed, appreciated and adored just like you do.

When you abandon her she feels grief, loneliness and sadness….just like when you do not receive the love and attention you require within your relationship and in life.
Love really isn’t something you just feel. It’s something you engage in, something you express, something you prioritise and practice…it’s something you share.
Where attention goes, energy flows!!!
When you withhold your love and do not include your Yoni into where you place your loving attention…
You Yoni will start to feel deep sorrow.
The issue I see is that women have no clue HOW to love their Yoni in ways that truly nourish and support her.
A woman who does not understand her body and her yoni will often cause more damage than good to her sexual self.
She will base sensuality and sexuality on a conditioned and limited expression that isn’t truly loving or sustainable for her body…for her yoni.
Her yoni will mistrust her due to this.
It’s like when you receive the wrong kind of attention or when your man doesn’t seem to get what your saying. It’s like not having your needs met or receiving what you REALLY want!
You can feel misunderstood, not seen or heard, totally UNappreciated for who you are and all you do…you can also feel objectified deep inside.
Yep…this is how your yoni feels too, when you do not educate yourself about her complexities, when you do not honour her…
She feels hurt, let down, frustrated, pained, misunderstood and dismissed.
This has an emotional and energetic impact on you as a woman.
This has a catastrophic impact on your relationship with your man.
If you do not know how to love your yoni, do not expect your man to know!
You have the power and opportunity to transform all of this.
Finally our sexual REMEMBERING is upon us.
Tantra is becoming main stream…
Sacred sexuality and what I teach…’SHAKTI SEX’…
Are becoming more and more wide spread.
The RISE of the Divine Feminine and Balancing of the Masculine…is HAPPENING!!!
If you are feeling the calling to become empowered and expressed sexually…

Reawaken Your Yoni? 6 week online course is available for you for £888

This starts with YOU Shakti. This is YOUR birthright!

Here’s the link for this incredible course experience:


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