about jacqui

Hello my Juicy Peaches,

Thank you for visiting my website and for taking an interest in my journey.

I am a qualified mentor and Tantrica. I am also a certified Herbalist, Naturopath, and Energy Healer with over 10 years experience supporting women.

My greatest qualification is my life experience and my clients’ and customers’ results.

I love supporting ambitious and successful women in long-term relationships to have the love, pleasure, wellbeing and business they have always wanted.

I assist women with becoming fully expressed, pleasure-full, wildly successful, and ecstatically satiated in their lives.

I call women to a higher standards on all levels, in ways that don’t fire up their nervous system.

I support women to master The Empowered Feminine ways!

I know that your feminine energy and your pleasure are KEY for you to become your most empowered self and live your most juicy life.

What this all means for YOU is that I can help you to master your Empowered Feminine way of being, so you can experience the love, pleasure, wellbeing and business you desire and so we can co-create a heavenly world together.

I also believe in conscious consuming, conscious investing, and cruelty-free living. Usually by virtue of being in my energy the women that I support begin to expand into more ethical and beneficial ways of being for themselves, others, animals and the planet. Being aligned with your true loving heart feels so good and frees up so much creative energy!

OKAY so, you want deep authenticity, you want the TRUTH?… Here it is:

I have a history of childhood and adult sexual trauma and drug abuse.

I experienced first hand disempowered, toxic and wounded masculine and feminine dynamics since childhood.

I starting abusing my body with alcohol as a tween and started indulging in narcotics as a teen.

I now understand the empowered expressions of all these things so deeply due to the contrast I experienced before. This first-hand experience enables me to assist women in shifting the toxic and wounded expressions they are experiencing with love, pleasure, wellbeing and business.

Wild woman are you willing and open to live true to your dreams and desires? Are you called to live aligned, embodied and expressed?

I’m passionate about empowerment on all levels. I’m fascinated by relationship dynamics, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, money, business, the human body, and I’m obsessed with THRIVING. 

You want some more truth? Here it is…

I was a stripper for nearly 7 years…

Now, I could paint a pretty picture here and say I was an erotic, exotic empowered Goddess expressing myself through the art of dance and receiving abundance in return from the glorious balanced Divine Masculine but that would be lying. (Although the expressing myself through the art of dance, that bit is true!)

That’s NOT what it was like for me. I was a free spirit trapped in fear and lack mentality, unaware of my bigger missions, unconscious to my true desires. Stuck in my story of scarcity, imprisoned by my limiting beliefs and my own low self-worth! I experienced a deeply unhealthy, toxic and disempowered relationship men, money and my body.

I took drugs nearly every day and I abused myself in relationships that were destructive. I lived a toxic life for YEARS trying to escape reality, feeling uninspired, and unfulfilled. I lacked purpose and felt completely lost.

I got seriously sick on ALL levels. My finances, love life and health plummeted. I was diagnosed with some scary health issues and told I would be on pharmaceutical medication for life, at just 24 years old.

Everything changed when I was 26. I started meditating whilst traveling Thailand. I started awakening to a powerful inner truth within me. I started realising that I was worth MORE. I started to SEE my service in the world and who I needed to be, to be able to fulfil it. 

I started to remember who I really am. I began to listen to what my soul was calling for and what my body was crying out for…

I came back HOME to myself.

I activated something so profound that it couldn’t be ignored.

I went on a journey into holistic and natural health, life mentoring, business coaching, wealth consciousness, relationship coaching, sacred sexuality, tantra, and generally all things juicy and nourishing.

I invested in myself so that I could become the woman I KNOW I was put here to be, so that I could align with my truth, my pleasure, and my POWER.

I studied for 5 years at The College OF Naturopathic Medicine in London and became a certified herbalist and naturopath.

I became a Reiki level 2 practitioner.

I met my Divine Partner (age 27) when I finally found true self-love and self-respect.

I was not empowered when we first met though.

This led me to finally decide to MASTER the art of The Masculine and Feminine dynamic and become my most empowered self on all levels.

Not only did this transform our relationship, it overflowed into our sex-life, my purpose and passions, my business, and my health and wellbeing.

I realised that there is an overarching way of being that creates holistic success for women;

The Empowered Feminine way of being!

I read books, took courses, went to workshops and retreats and I worked with some of the best coaches, teachers and guides available. (I still do these things now and will forever)

My healing led me to discover the missing piece to sex that the whole of society is searching for – Feminine Flow.

I always knew there was more to sex and there IS!

Knowing how to operate in my Empowered Feminine Energy transformed my whole life and how I feel about everything, including myself.

I want this for all women. I believe it is our birth right.

This is the juiciest way to live!

I have learned that The Masculine and Feminine dynamic plays out on all levels, all the time. When you understand it, you can shift into your magnetic, empowered self in an instant and you become a powerful influence in your life.

You become irresistible to what you want when you learn how to be a magnetic woman.

I have learned that your feminine energy, your sexual consciousness, your authentic expression, and HOW you operate and receive are KEY for your capacity to sustain and expand the love, pleasure, money and vibrancy you truly desire.

Your true pleasure is the key to your most ecstatic self and life.

When you live aligned you experience fulfilment and freedom inside out.

I have learned SO much and now I can share it with YOU.

I want to assist you with YOUR journey to a sustainable, pleasurable, expansive relationship, sex-life, business and body that feel nourished and nourish you in return to your core!

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