About Jacqui

I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

I feel like I am a galactic starseed, crystal Goddess that incarnated on Earth to assist with the awakening and rise of the Divine Feminine and the balancing of the Divine Masculine to create Heaven on Earth! Uh huh, I KNOW!!!

Ultimately I am a human, with passions and a mission!

I am a certified Herbalist, Naturopath and Energy Healer. I am a Relationship, Pleasure and Prosperity Coach, mentor and healer.

I help ambitious women in business and long term relationships to be fully expressed, wildly successful and ecstatically satiated within their relationship with their money, man and sex-life.

Not only this but I am an advocate for positive world change, veganism, environmentalism and peace on earth.

What this all means for YOU is that I can help you to get in tune with your Pleasure Power™, your wildest desires, your feminine flow and masculine support, your orgasmic potential, your deepest yearnings and your true callings, so that YOU can consciously attract your preferred reality to you and co-create a heavenly world.

OKAY so, you want deep authenticity, you want the TRUTH… Here it is:

I have a history of childhood sexual abuse, drug addiction and trauma. I have healed an abuse cycle that has played out throughout my lineage and ancestry. 

It’s been a journey but the truth is that unearthing this and allowing myself to finally SEE has lead to me becoming more of who I came here to be!

I feel more empowered than I ever have. I feel more trusting in myself than ever before and it’s enabled me to fully align with my purpose, which feels INCREDIBLE!

This isn’t just about me and the abuse I experienced, this is about the abuse the Divine Feminine and Masculine have endured for centuries. The Sacred Feminine has been suppressed, repressed, manipulated, trivialized, abandoned, shut down, broken, taken for granted and abused. The Sacred Masculine has experienced severe imbalance.

This shows up for all of us; all women, especially wild women brave enough to seek their dreams!

My whole life has revolved around sexuality, sensuality, money, prosperity, pleasure and power. I was called to teach this since I was 3 years old, without even knowing it. What an incredible path to be on!

Some more truth for you… I used to be a stripper. For nearly 7 years!

Now I could paint a pretty picture here and say I was an erotic, exotic empowered Goddess expressing myself through the art of dance and receiving abundance in return from the glorious balanced Divine Masculine…but that would be lying. (Although the expressing myself through the art of dance, that bit is true!)

That’s NOT what it was like for me. I was a free spirit trapped in fear and lack mentality, unaware of my bigger missions, unconscious to my true desires. Stuck in my story of lack, imprisoned by my limiting beliefs and my own low self-worth!

I took drugs nearly every day and I abused myself in relationships that were destructive. I lived a toxic life for YEARS trying to escape reality, feeling uninspired and unfulfilled. I got seriously sick on ALL levels.

It all changed when I was 25 years old and started meditating whilst traveling in Thailand. I started awakening to a powerful inner truth within me. I started realizing that I was worth MORE. I started to SEE my work in the world and who I needed to be to be able to fulfill it! 

I started to remember who I really am. I started to listen to what my SOUL was calling for, what my body was crying out for…

I came back HOME to myself.

I activated something so profound that it couldn’t be ignored!

I went on a journey into holistic health, life mentoring, business coaching, relationship coaching, sacred sexuality, tantra and generally all things AWESOME and nourishing!

I invested in myself so that I could become the woman I KNOW I was put here to be so that I could align with my truth, my pleasure and my POWER.  Now I can show you, that YOU can do this too…

I met my Divine Partner when I finally found true self love and self respect.

I was not empowered when we first met.

The toxic patterns of my past played out within our dynamic.

My sexual healing led me to discover the missing piece to sex that the whole of society is searching for – Shakti.

I knew there was more to sex.

I almost cheated on my partner and we almost broke up, when finally I decided to master the art of The masculine and Feminine energy dynamic.

This transformed our relationship, sex-life and my business!

This is how I KNOW that empowerment, true pleasure, abundance and creating heaven on earth IS possible and it’s not just possible for me, it’s possible for YOU too.

Life is SO much better when you finally stop abandoning yourself and choose your radiance!

I have learned that The Masculine and Feminine dynamic plays out on all levels, all the time. When you understand it, you can shift into your magnetic, empowered self in an instant and you become a powerful influence in your life!

I have learned that your sexual consciousness, expression and receptivity is KEY to your ability to RECEIVE love and money. Your sexuality and sensuality are directly linked to how your life, relationships and business look.

Your lower Chakras; The Root and Sacral Chakras are ALL about survival (thriving), pleasure, passion, creation and purpose – your joy, relationships, business and money!

I have learned soooo much and now I want to share it with YOU.

I want to assist you in your journey to your empowerment and fullest expression.

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