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VIP Intensive

Imagine waking up knowing that you are about to transform your whole life and up-level yourself in a way that is nourishing, opulent, divine and everlasting. Imagine being driven by a chauffeur to a stunning location surrounded by beauty and luxury. Visualize yourself being shown to your private suite. When you arrive, you receive a nutritious beverage and snack. You have some time by yourself to feel the serenity and majesty of your surroundings and center yourself in preparation for the magic to come.

How does it feel to be in this environment? How does it feel to finally have some time and space to indulge in yourself? After some quiet ‘me-time’ you receive a phone call from reception inviting you downstairs to the hotel lounge, where you are greeted by your mentor, guide and soul sister Jacqui Lane.


After a warm embrace, if the weather permits, Jacqui walks with you around the hotel grounds and you begin to discuss your areas of focus, goals and desires. If outdoors is not an option you remain comfortably in the hotel lounge.

You both retreat to your luxury suite so that you can continue the deeper “work” in private.

Imagine how you feel in the company of a high-vibe mentor and healer. Imagine how it feels to be supported, cared for and guided towards your deepest yearnings and wildest dreams. Lunch time arrives and you have the choice of dining in the hotel restaurant or opting to stay in the luxury suite as room service brings you your chosen delights. Lunch consists of delicious, high vibrational vegan food and fresh juices. Feeling energized and uplifted, you listen as Jacqui teaches and shares her intuition, knowledge and wisdom with you. You have time to ask questions and delve deep into your biggest blocks and darkest fears.

It’s time for you to integrate what you have learned so far with a guided meditation specific to your vision and energy healing performed by Jacqui.

Jacqui then shows you potent techniques specific to your goals. There is time for some profound sacred feminine practices to help you celebrate, harness and utilize your feminine vitality and magnetism.

You are given personalized advice and practices that will change your life forever! This is exclusive information that you won’t get anywhere else.

Feeling utterly fabulous you are provided with mouth-watering healthy treats and a succulent fruit smoothie whilst you continue to master your desires.

It’s nearly time for Jacqui to leave but not before you both receive a 30 minute massage of your choice in one of the luxury treatment rooms.

You meet Jacqui in the treatment room’s chill out area after your massage.


Now you are feeling super blissed out, it’s time for Jacqui to depart. You have the suite until 11am the next day if you care to stay and access to the hotel spa and facilities. You can call your chauffeur whenever you are ready to leave.

What a perfect day! Just imagine how you will feel after stepping up in this way. Deeply nourished, positive, magnetic, vibrant, switched on, magical, up-graded, calmer, more focused on what’s truly important for you, activated, ignited, abundant and recharged!


48 hours after your luxury one day intensive with Jacqui, you are gifted with a bespoke information pack only available to VIP clients. You are invited to receive a 30 minute follow up call 3 weeks later.

Is this day of personal empowerment something your body, mind and soul says YES to?

  • Are you ready to up-level?

  • Are you ready to deeply connect and align with your SOUL?

  • Is success on YOUR terms a MUST for you?

  • Would you like to have your life balance on point?

  • Does it turn you on to think you can make your pleasure your priority in all you do and still receive financial freedom and success in the way you were born to?

  • Are you ready to expand and shift to create your wildest dreams?

  • Are you done with struggle and feeling unfulfilled?

  • Are SO over dimming your light?

  • Do you desire holistic opulence?

A VIP day with Jacqui is your chance to gain clarity, direction, practical profound techniques, healing, bespoke advice and experience healthy luxurious indulgence and your own pleasure power!

If you like the sound of taking your life, your pleasure and yourself to the next level then apply below.

You deserve to live your truth. You deserve freedom. You deserve to thrive. YOU deserve holistic abundance. You deserve to be sensually ignited. You deserve to experience pleasure, joy and opulence, ALWAYS.

Are you ready to positively THRIVE?!!!

Virtual VIP Intensive


This option is available to those of you who are 100% sure that the luxury VIP day is not possible for you right now. The Virtual VIP day takes place via Skype and email. You will receive 4 hours of uninterrupted laser coaching around your personal issues, desires and goals. There are 4 specific requirements needed for you to be eligible for this experience:

  • 100% commitment

    You must be able to set aside 4 consecutive hours of your time that will be totally uninterrupted i.e no phone, no kids, no mother-in-law knocking on your front door. You must be 100% committed to the time slot agreed.

  • Show up in a big way

    You may wish to purchase a new outfit, have your hair done, clean and cleanse your space, create a beautiful environment for yourself, have herbal tea and/or fresh water to hand. Meditate prior to the session. All and any of the above is fine. Take this as big as you feel comfortable and then a little bigger!

  • Questionnaire

    Complete and return the in-depth questionnaire that I will provide. Have a printed version to hand.

  • Come with an open mind and an open heart

    Be willing to hear what is needed and not what is wanted. Be open to going over things you have already worked on in the past. Be excited to explore new ideas.

This day will be full of “ah-ha!” moments, magical shifts, bespoke information and intuitive guidance, as well as practical techniques and practices that are easy for you to implement. If you are ready to up-level, listen to your SOUL! The VIP and Virtual VIP intensive container is 3 weeks. You receive a 1 hour session via Skype before the day of your intensive and a 30 minute follow-up session 3 weeks later.

If you are looking for results FAST you will love this VIP experience!


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You will also be subscribed to my list and receive amazing free content and juicy offers I won’t be sharing anywhere else.

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