Hi, I’m Jacqui Lane! I help ambitious women in business and long term relationships become fully expressed with their money, man & sex-life.


I teach these incredible women how to master the masculine and feminine energy dynamic on all levels, so that they can experience more ease, fulfilment and pleasure with these aspects of their lives!

This is what I call being in your EMPOWERED FEMININE ENERGY, honouring SHAKTI and becoming a MAGNETIC WOMAN!

I believe every woman’s birth right is to Rise in Abundance, Love & Pleasure!

When you work with me you will learn how to:

  • Inspire money and clients to come TO you.
  • Stop over-working and undercharging. No more feeling drained or burning out.
  • Attract more dream clients to you with ease and joy, in ways that feel fun to you.
  • Easily sell premium programs
  • Feel relaxed and trusting about money
  • Feel confident with your clients
  • Communicate and express in empowered ways within your marketing, PR, with potential clients and clients.
  • Inspire empowered expressions within potential clients and clients.
  • Become a masterful coach and/or service provider whose clients see incredible results, so you too receive incredible results.
  • Feel a sense of deep fulfillment within your business.
  • Be fully authentically expressed in your business, with integrity.
  • Enjoy an empowered, nourishing and loving relationship with your money, business and clients.
  • Inspire your man to become your King and God instead of a frog.
  • Reconnect with his heart and bring him closer.
  • Communicate in truly empowered ways so he can hear you, honour you and feels inspired to joyfully please you.
  • Heal long standing patterns and wounds that have created distance between you and your man.
  • Understand your man and support his differences, so he can support you better.
  • Become his top priority.
  • Feel like a Goddess around him. Feel appreciated, adored, seen, heard, understood and respected.
  • Trust The Divine Masculine
  • Become a powerful influence over the way he shows up for you, in the most considerate and loving ways.
  • Have the love you have always longed for with him.
  • Be fully authentically expressed within your relationship.
  • Enjoy an empowered, equal, loving, connected, close relationship with your man.
  • Heal your blocks to bliss – Sexual trauma, shame, guilt, obligation, lack of libido and lack of desire.
  • Reconnect with and awaken your sexual self, your body and your yoni.
  • Heal from pain and/or numbness.
  • Stay present during sexual play.
  • Master the art of Shakti sex – Honour your feminine sexual energy (Shakti), your female body, your boundaries, needs and desires. Inspire your man to do the same.
  • Understand and navigate the differences between Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (Feminine) Sex.
  • Open sexually and become fully expressed.
  • Expand your pleasure and orgasm. Amplify your sensuality. Become multi-orgasmi.
  • Become a masterful lover and inspire your man to do the same.
  • Understand and utilise sex-magic and the sexual sanctuary.
  • Access, enhance and utilize your pleasure power.
  • Enjoy an empowered, passionate, fulfilling connected sexual relationship with yourself and your man.

If you want to become empowered and fully expressed this year, private mentoring and healing with me will deeply benefit you.


My Programs


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