What if I am not a high achieving female entrepreneur, entrepreneur full stop, career driven woman or a lady creating positive world change but I LOVE your work and wish to come on a VIP day, Retreat or receive private healing and mentoring with you?

You may benefit from the luxury retreat and energy healing, however the mentoring program and VIP intensives are specially designed for women in business.

How can I work with you?

Quantum Leap, VIP intensives, 3 Day Retreat, Energy Healing.

I just want some quick advice about something in particular is there a way I can contact you for this?

I no longer offer one off consultations. If you are looking for a quick fix then I am not the mentor for you. I like to go DEEP and fully honor your desires.  The best option for you would be a VIP intensive.

Do you offer VIP days outside of the UK?

If there is a specific place that you are drawn to or know of then this can be discussed. If it is possible then it may be arranged. Please note this may affect the price of the VIP day.

I would like to opt for all of your offerings. Is this possible?

YES! Of course you can treat yourself to all and any of the offerings available. Please book a Discovery Session.

Do you offer payment plans?


Note: If you are truly at a point to say YES to yourself then TRUST the money will be there for you. I trust in your authenticity, your desires and your willingness to invest in yourself. Your commitment to yourself and your business is worth the investment.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. Please view the terms and conditions for all my services here: Terms and Conditions