About Your Peachy Life

Your Peachy Life is a company that I (Jacqui Lane) have created for women like YOU; Pleasure seekers and Freedom seekers, looking to create and experience your WILDEST DREAMS.

YourPeachyLife is for women who care about their lives and this world.

I created YourPeachyLife for women like you, desiring to become truly ABUNDANT and EXPRESSED on all levels; by listening to the yearnings of your Yoni, the whisperings of your heart and Soul, the pulsing of your passions and the deeper callings from Mother Earth.

If you want to experience harmony between the Feminine and Masculine energies and dynamics, so that you can create and experience a fulfilling, satisfying, JUICY relationship with your money, man and sex-life;  YourpeachyLife is for you.

The Dalai Llama said “The Western Woman will change the world”…

Of course, this isn’t just about “Western women”… This is INCLUSIVE of ALL women.

YourPeachyLife is for ambitious women in long term relationships or marriages who have a calling to live their most ecstatic life, facilitate transformation for others and positively impact the world!

Mahatma Gandhi said “BE the change you wish to see in the world”

YourPeachyLife is for the women who dare to BE THE CHANGE.

It is time for you to come back HOME to yourself, to YOUR TRUTH, to your desires, to your callings, your bliss, your pleasure and your power!

It’s time for you to be the woman you were born to BE!

THIS is the time to move through your blocks to bliss and your limiting beliefs, so that you can live ignited, expressed and free. So that you can experience all the juicy things that your life has to offer. So you can be IN your Pleasure Power™. So you can experience what success means to you. So you can FEEL satisfied in your business, relationships, body and your BEING! So you can have the IMPACT in the world you have been dreaming of and so that you can leave a legacy you are proud of!

NOW is YOUR time to master The Masculine and Feminine dynamic and connect to your Pleasure Power™ so that you can be full expressed with your money, man and sex-life!

This IS your time.

Your desires are waiting for you. Are you ready for YOUR Peachy Life?