Do you want to receive clients who pay £15k – £20k to work with you?


Are you done with not receiving the dream clients you really want?

Just to let you know, the high premium dream clients you truly want to work with DO exist and right now you are letting them go to other coaches, healers and service providers!

Tell me, have you had success with your smaller offerings and you LOVE your business but KNOW you are worthy of premium clients?
The truth is you are afraid to rock the boat or change what is working for you, right?
I feel you and want you to know that you will be ADDING to your business success not rocking the boat!
Have you been trying to sell your premium program but it’s not flowing. You feel “done” with doing all the hard work and still not having what you actually want?
You doubt premium and have some money shame showing up and self-judgments around having a premium offering?
I need to share some secrets with you…
When you don’t honour your desire for premium you are selling yourself short and avoiding your expansion. You are limiting the success of your business. You are dismissing your GENIUS. You are not allowing yourself to work with the people who resonate at YOUR frequency!

You are also preventing incredible people from receiving the level of support they require and you’re preventing their expansion too!

What else?….
When you DON’T go into doing, getting, making it happen, convincing, justifying, pushing, forcing, leading or “helping” in your marketing and sales conversations (wounded masculine)
When you DON’T go into lowering your fees, catering to potential clients, creating small payment plans to suit them, selling yourself short to fit their perceived needs and lack, coaching them before they have signed up and paid (Wounded Feminine)
Instead you own your genius and honour your true desires, worth and value. You express yourself authentically and shine your light! (Empowered Feminine within you) AND you stand firm, have conviction, don’t waver (Empowered Masculine within you)…AND you see your potential clients in THEIR POWER as EMPOWERED and not needing to be saved…
You create an irresistible, inviting JUICY SPACE that inspires the empowered masculine energy of the universe within your potential clients- meaning; the forward moving energy, the making it happen energy, the go getting energy… within your potential clients to step forward, come TO you and close the gap.
The Divine Empowered Masculine energy of the universe cannot help but be magnetized and compelled towards to what it knows it wants!
The Divine Masculine energy within others CANNOT step up into it’s empowered energy and expression when you are in your wounded energies and expressions. It simply cannot not.

Do you realise you are in your own wounded energy when you don’t honour your desires?

When you RECEIVE in the EMPOWERED FEMININE way it feels like ease, joy, integrity and empowerment for you BOTH!
This is truly THE most empowered and GENUINE way to RECEIVE clients.
EMPOWERED FEMININE PREMIUM is a new paradigm and new way of BEING in business. It is creating a new economy and redistributing wealth on the planet, into the hands of people that care, like YOU. 
It means you don’t burn out. You can stop TRYING, struggling, pushing, forcing…
You can finally receive what you REALLY want in ways that feel good.
It IS possible. This is how I receive my premium dream clients and how my clients receive theirs!
You get to be your most authentic self and LEAN back in trust – This is NOT passive and not submissive.
You are a POWERFUL creatrix! But the WAY you create, attract and RECEIVE is EVERYTHING!
Empowered Feminine Living is a skill you can learn and an art you can master!
I have to say it is SO counter-intuitive initially but it WORKS better than anything else I have ever known…Because it is SUSTAINABLE energetically and for your mind, body and being and it is truly empowered for you and others!
If you want to learn how to become an Empowered Feminine Premium Coach, mentor, healer or service provider this year, please click the link to apply to work with me: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12133565&appointmentType=9588098
I’m SO excited and elated to be teaching this!

Every woman NEEDS adventure . . .

Every woman NEEDS adventure…we are JOURNEY orientated.

This is why when we only honour masculine energy (Shiva, Yang) during sexual play we get board. This is because it’s SINGLE FOCUSED and goal orientated and so therefore it becomes monotonous over time for a woman!

When you honour Feminine Energy (Shakti, Yin) AS WELL…. that’s when you open to your most expansive, ecstatic sexual experiences.

Its the same in your day to day life and the running of your business.

If you don’t honour SHAKTI you will burn out, feel unfulfilled and never experience the pleasure, flow and bliss that is available for you.

For me personally, nature is a fantastic space full of adventure…when I’m in nature my Yoni lights up with creative force, orgasmic energy and it spills over into all areas of my life. I feel so ALIVE and juicy when I go to places I’ve never been before or seen before. I LOVE exploring the mountains and hilltops, the beaches, the jungle, the forests, the oceans and rivers…

This is “The constant simmer of pleasure” and sense of adventure ALL women require in order to be fully empowered and expressed.

Where does your sense of adventure want to take you today?

Empowered Feminine Living – How to Receive what you really want…


The space to be in is “relaxed arousal” ..Shakti energy!!!

It’s the space of acceptance, allowing, curiosity, playfulness, relaxation, joy and pleasure within and trusting and excitement for whats flowing.
Its juicy AND its vulnerable. It’s authentic. It requires devotion, trust, openness, surrender and to release judgement.
Its about allowing what is, accepting what is, even if it doesn’t look like how you THINK its should or you think it needs to.
You let go of control, micromanaging and the “thinking space” and come into the FEELING space and the UNKNOWN – the space of infinite possibility.
Its allowing pleasure and joy into what is, giving yourself credit for what is… whilst opening and feeling excited and trusting for whats to come. 
Being present in the moment AND excited for the journey and adventure.
Enjoying the JOURNEY. .
. . Whilst also knowing and having your boundaries and standards.
Its about consciously releasing agenda, goal, performance…its about releasing urgency and impatience and coming into authentic self expression
You come out of neediness and into opportunity to expand and grow and move through your growth edges into more and more abundance and pleasure.
Its consciously slowing down to allow for a more sustainable, lasting, nourishing experience…and to allow for inspiration to move you whilst you also lean back in powerful surrender (not passive or submissive)
Its accessing that creative force within and letting inspiration guide you to what’s next..you come into flow and sync with the universe.
You come into your Pleasure Power.
This is how you experience ecstatic experiences in your life and receive what you really want.
It is counter-intuitive to live this way due to our conditioning.
Ultimately everything we want and do is to experience the sensations of pleasure within us. All our higher emotions and desires lead to the sensations of pleasure within us.
This is a biological necessity for our survival as a species and for us to thrive as individuals.
On a cellular level our cells are either expanding in pleasure and towards pleasure or contracting in pain and from pain.
We are actually moving out of surviving and into thriving individually and as a collective and so its even more important we master this.
When you go into pushing, forcing and trying to make it happen, trying to GET.. you are in survival mode and operating within the 3D..
When you come into the way i’m speaking about…Shakti…Empowered Feminine, you move energy into matter (5D).
Rather than trying to move matter into different forms of matter, you become the alchemist…the creatrix.
This is how you collapse space and time.
Relaxed arousal is exactly the space to be in when creating life the Empowered Feminine Way.

Is your relationship and sex-life secretly suffering behind the scenes?


You are not alone gorgeous . . .

I know you love your man still…
AND I also know that behind the scenes your relationship/marriage with your man and your sex-life is in trouble.
You know this too when you’re being really authentic with yourself.
The truth is you want support with this but you feel ashamed and embarrassed.
This blocks you from receiving the level of support your relationship deserves.
Maybe you are a relationship coach yourself and so receiving support from a love and sex coach feels weird to you.
But the truth is you still feel stuck and uncertain when it comes to your relationship with your man and your sex-life.
I get it. Ego loves to keep us safe and keep up from being vulnerable and authentic. Ego loves to protect us. It’s in survival.
You know all this too.
Maybe you’re just so conveniently busy with all the other things in your life that you have put your relationship, your man, your sex-life and your pleasure down the list of priorities.
Whatever the reasons are, the truth truth is your relationship and sex-life …your LOVE-LIFE does not FEEL the way you want. There are still issues that need addressing and things that require improving and evolving!
Your love life doesn’t feel as fulfilling as you want. It doesn’t feel as deep and expansive as you want. It doesn’t feel as connected, nourishing and supportive as you want. It doesn’t feel as good as you really want.
And that doesn’t mean its awful 24/7. That doesn’t mean you don’t love your man.
But it means you ARE tolerating a LIMITED EXPERIENCE when you could be experiencing the love you’ve been longing for with him.
You don’t have to do this anymore. You don’t have to go on tolerating this, because there are solutions to the issues you are going through.
Life transforming, relationship transforming solutions that will last a life time for you both and that truly work.
💖🌹Rising In Love🌹💖
Is my new program for women in long term relationships and marriages.

I will teach you everything you require to experience the love-life you have secretly always wanted with your man.

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Love-making tools to enhance or rekindle the passion within your relationship, that actually work!

Want some awesome new love-making tools to enhance or rekindle the passion within your relationship, that actually work?

Would you like to learn how to expand yours AND your man’s pleasure potential, connect with him on a deeper level and learn the secrets and techniques of Tantric massage for couples?

Whether you’re shut down sexually or on the tantric journey already or simply wanting some new techniques to bring to the bedroom, it’s so important to learn the RIGHT things that will positively transform your sex-life forever!


My man is beyond elated that we have embarked on this path together and my body thanks me every day for becoming sexual conscious and expressed!
Once you understand the masculine and feminine dynamic and how this plays out sexually you can start to really honour your body and being AND his. HE can start to honour you as a woman. It’s so easy!

Once you unearth the secrets of male and female pleasure you unlock your authentic expression and THIS is what leads to ecstatic bliss and the deeper love and connection you’ve always wanted with yourself and your man!


I’m hosting a one-off 4 day online workshop for women starting Friday 19th April to share this powerful wisdom and these learn-able skills with you, so you can bring this into your sex-life with you man.
It’s £88. I KNOW!!
Even if you are single or dating someone this workshop will be extremely beneficial for you personally AND put you in VERY good stead for your future sex-life.
I’m going to be sharing with you HOW to experience sustainable passion, expansive sexual experiences and 11 different kinds of orgasm. I’m going to be enlightening you about male pleasure and telling you the secrets of male orgasm too.
PLUS you will be learning the exact step by step massage techniques to be able to deeply satisfy each other and bring more love, connection, passion and skill into your sex-life with your man or future man!
I am leaning into a growth edge right now and I’ve been called to price this workshop at just £88. I have no idea, I’m just following the flow here! ha ha ha
I want to let you know that the content of the workshop is all PRERECORDED and you will have life-time access to it. There are also video demos of the techniques. Don’t worry no nudity!
And we will have LIVE Q&A calls each day of the workshop where you can ask me ANYTHING. If you can’t make the calls don’t fret because there is a secret Facebook group that you receive access to once you sign up- you can ask me questions in the group if you cannot make the calls but I highly recommend being on the calls to have your personal questions answered.
This information and these techniques have changed my life and my relationship for the better, FOREVER!

My desire is for ALL women to know this. YOU are the spark of desire, the initiatrix, the creatrix. Don’t wait for you man. Don’t live your life without finding your true pleasure potential. Come back home to your sexual self and let her set you and your man FREE!!!

Here’s the link to enroll…This will not be this price again so even if you cannot attend the live calls I recommend enrolling now anyway 😉


So much LOVE <3